Sculpting Inspiration in Writing the Creation Exercises of Be-ing, Do-ing, and Have-ing, By Liz Geyer

We are immersed in slowed down time.  How do you feel it?  Is everything you are with, slowed so that you can either see, sense, smell, taste, or hear everything in front of you, the essence of the senses magnified?  I know this is what I am experiencing.  I feel the both/and of everything.

Some of us have taken on writing the Consciousness Exercises for thirty days in March. 

What inspired us to take on this practice?  Victoria states, “ It is about supporting this being to steep in the experience of slowed down time to gain deeper understanding of me as a G.O.D. as well as support my daily living G.O.D. to move with experiences so I may more fully thrive.” For mySelf, it has been about feeding my field and The field with life enhancing thoughts, and building the daily practice that both calms, and strengthens my systems.

Writing about Be-ing, Do-ing, and Have-ing has been a challenge for me.  I am marveling at the observation that watching my mind thinking itself at a slowed down speed is showing a very-slowed-ticker-tape of a multi-verse of language, yet writing, using these amazing words has not been a light and airy experience.  I am laughing as I write this, because it has been the opposite.  How are all of you?  Are you experiencing language flowing through you like mud?  As everything appears mucky and muddy, how are we inspired to keep writing?

I was on my way home from a short trip yesterday, in the car, and decided to write an exercise on having.  I am finding that I need to hand-write the exercises right now.  There is something comforting about feeling the pen on paper, and because writing slows my thinking, I was given more time to sit with the energy of Have-ing.  The observation I completed gave me a tool to use as an analogy.  Yet, as I wrote, I thought to myself, “Just coming up with how to language the craving is tricky.  What am I observing?”

We are all in a major reset.  It has been an adventure being the observer, fascinated with this slowed down, step-by-step way of being, steeped in the beauty of simplicity.  Yet,  we may also be feeling some need for structure.  So I asked myself what I might need in this reset time of writing the exercises?  I decided to offer a possible schedule for writing the exercises, ‘running the templates’ from 1-4.  Here is what a possible schedule could look like, with the actual language of what I might try around these three words, using Be-ing as the main example, running through the four exercises, then transitioning to Do-ing:  

Day 1:  Craving in the ‘Be-ing’ of myself creates…

Day 2:  Observing on Craving in the ‘Be-ing…’

Day 3:  Craving Be-ing in a state of Being creates being…

Day 4:  Observing being on Craving Be-ing in…”

Day 5:  Craving what ‘Be-ing’ is for me is

Day 6:  Observing on Craving what Be-ing is for me…”

Day 7:  Craving what Be-ing in a state of Be-ing is for me is being…”

Day 8:  Observing Being on Craving Be-ing…

Day 9:  Craving Do-ing activities that give me joy creates…

Can you feel the stamina this practice might build?  Is there some knowing that there are ‘neuronets’ building and reconfiguring us as we write? I can feel my being is bumping up against resistance…yet feeling this way is natural…I am moving my mind beyond itself.  These exercises are helping our neuro-nets grow!  Yes!  

I am newly inspired to grow my neuro networks!  Just having completed an exercise yesterday gave my body more strength, stamina and capacity to be in this reconfiguration.  The exercises are an access point…helping me to re-fine my practice and observe newly.  

This afternoon, I looked up at my vision board and saw the word ‘Renesting’.  I wondered…is this not what we are doing…just like the birds re-building?  Renesting?  There is much food for thought here…a gourmet smorgasbord of options within these three words, Be-ing, Do-ing, Have-ing.  We hope that you will join us, newly inspired in this second half of March.  Know that we are all here to help each other through our growth, collectively.  

I am now bathing in the possibilities!  Join us in this practice as we support each other to move through these times, creating more strength, stamina and capacity when we post our exercises into the field. The practice allows us to move  with more ease and the sweetness of some grace for ourselves.  Email us at and let us know that you are joining us in this challenge. When you email us to join, we will share information with you about the beauty of feeding the field.