Discovering the Deeper Natures of Unpacking, By Elizabeth Geyer

Have you ever had a topic you were super interested in take you down many different pathways to relate to it?  Have you ever had that topic become almost a friend, and not let you go?  This has been unpacking for me!  

Way back in November of 2022, I could see in my mind’s eye, a gathering place, with people gathered around a fire, telling stories and sharing their experiences.  I felt such a deep kinship with this group that had not yet shown itself!  Guess what?  That group surfaced, and began to meet to immerse ourselves in the writing of The Creation Templates.  Then, another ‘download’ occurred over the holidays.  A knowing that unpacking our lives, our journeys, and the deeper relationship with ourselves could be created.  I simply kept being with that ‘can’t not’ feeling…can’t not unpack in 2023!

Currently, this amazing group has almost completed The Art of Unpacking The Creation Templates, series 1.  We have just begun to form a relationship with unpacking what there is to unpack in our lives.  I had no idea that unpacking had so many pathways!  I also had no idea that unpacking would show up everywhere…not just in the writing of the Creation Exercises!  There are so many ways to look at unpacking now!

What might you be unpacking this year?  How has using a magnifying glass to unpack what is there for you shifted you being who you are? How has taking a deeper dive into the wonder of you been for you?  For me, I can see unpacking everywhere!  I am unpacking my health and what that is for me; I am unpacking becoming an empty nester, becoming a mom to only three cats and missing the 4th one that just moved out.  I am unpacking what my relationship with my daughters is for me now that they aren’t here at home anymore.  My relationship with my partner and how we are here at home…another exploration…my relationship with unpacking…with others I hold dear in my life and who they are as part of this unpacking…unpacking what listening to my heart is…listening to my body…listening to my mentors…listening to Mother Earth.  This list could go on and on!

The other lens I am observing from is that which has my attention, and discerning that attention with more clarity.  In other words…what happens if I am writing a Creation Exercise, unpacking it, and I hit a wall? To observe further I have now learned to ask this:  Have I hit a wall because the language in this phrase I am unpacking cannot hold a deeper resonance?  Have I hit a wall because the phrase has ‘unearthed’ discomfort and I am not certain I have the strength to follow the unpacking thread?  These are questions I have never asked mySelf. What do I ‘do’ if the Template falls flat?  Well…newsflash…I am coming to discern that writing that falls flat means I need to let Time pass and let the mind, body and spirit ‘steep’.  Knowing I am uncomfortable about something only makes me want to persevere to follow that thread to walk along the path to move to the next greater whole! And looking more deeply if the writing isn’t resonating at all has also been part of the experience of unpacking.  Choosing to write a Creation Exercise more mindfully and slowly has been a big help to solve the issue of my writing falling flat.

If you are unpacking, and you run into a wall…I call it a firewall…perhaps ask your heart some of these questions.  This year I am working on relevancy and potency of exploring mySelf and Her deeper natures of Being.  “S.H.E.” has a lot to say and is loving Her audience!  

Unpacking the deeper nature of Being and Self is an amazing journey thus far. I would love to share this experience of unpacking with you!   In hindsight, I am so blown away by the deeper nature of life that has shown up all around me, loved ones, my communities, both local and global, with the Earth and the Universe…this is BIG?  Yes?!!  Who wouldn’t want this amazing experience? 

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The Art of Unpacking the Creation Templates-Series 2 with Liz Geyer