Why Pursue Self-Study of Your Self?

First let’s define what self/Self is.

Self with the lower case ‘s’ is what you recognize as you in this culture.  Your historic personality, your memories, your habits.  It is the cumulative you of this lifetime as you presently recognize it.

Self with an upper case ‘S’ is the more of you that lies beyond your everyday experience of this lifetime.  It is the larger field of you which includes your higher self, your thinking beyond the thoughts that were ingrained in you, the recognition and experience of your Being.

Thus Self Study involves moving beyond how you have always behaved, thought and craved.


Try Craving first. First of all, craving is natural.  Craving things or states of being that are life-enhancing and life-generating for you is your first step in opening up the box of ‘historic self’ that limits you in your behavior and your thinking.  When you write your Craving Creation Exercises, the deeper parts of you speak to what your Spirit remembers of the original state of human beings.  Know that you would not crave something unless it had already existed in humanity.  Start with the Craving Template 1 of the Language of Creation.  It is your first step to moving into the larger spiral and larger field of your life.

Crave something that you want to have in your life.  Crave a state that you want to be.   You need to allow your brain to think your thoughts not just those that you have been taught.  The consistent use of certain neural pathways limits the range of responses that you can make.  You react instead of expanding to include more.  An analogy might be that your brain has neural networks that have become rigid thru repetitive use.  Thru writing your Creation Exercises, those neural pathways can be extended and connected to other new networks. Thus they start to offer multiple ways to think, to problem solve and to respond. In the writing of your Creation Exercises, you include life-enhancing life-generating phrases that are the new connection points in your brain’s neural networks.  As you regularly write your Creation Exercises, you sense deeper and deeper into your deepest wisdom.  It is an unfolding of that which is within you from birth and now can be part of your conscious life.

Would you like to see if there are other possibilities for you, other ways to be? Then start craving it.  The only codicil here is that it must be life-generating and life-enhancing.

Learning how to write the Creation Exercises is relatively simple.  There are Guidebooks, videos, individual and group mentoring to describe the process and to support you as you explore writing the nine Templates. Certainly, there are challenges to your thinking…wandering mind, distraction, blank mind etc., because your mind is challenged to think differently in the writing of your Creation Exercises.  In your writing in the Template format, the unfolding of the template writing moves your brain out of the everyday neural networks and expands the connections and interconnections throughout your body.

This is where your sentient intelligence communicates with you about what is life-enhancing, life-generating.  People experience sensations, energies running thru them, emotions rising and even words popping into their heads.  The more you write your Creation Exercises, not only will your Sentient Intelligence registers become more precise, but they will also shift as you write the different Templates. Our sentient intelligence arises from our second brain, our gut brain, which is aware of what is occurring within our bodies and outside of ourselves 24-7.  This area used to be called our Solar Plexus and was thought to be the Seat of our Soul.  Imagine then that your body and your Spirit are talking to you thru your Creation Exercises using your sentient intelligence registers as the language they use.  Then imagine that you are talking back not only to your body and your Spirit but also to Creation/God/Goddess/Great Spirit etc.   It is a mind opening experience in so many ways!

I do notice that at different times, many people do not keep up a regular writing practice.  Consequently, they do not experience the shifts possible thru writing their Creation Exercises.  It is the same when people want to lose weight or gain expertise in a new skill.  We hope and we wish for a goal to be manifested and simultaneously we do not put regular practice in in order to achieve what we say we want.   Action is needed.  Commitment to the unknown end point of our craving is what is needed.

Like working on weight loss, when we want to discover whom we came here to be, we need to write our Creation Exercises regularly.  Set up a consistent place. Set up a consistent time.  Let the fear of the unknown be included and not dominating.  Part of this work is to include everything.  Everything has a place. As you expand your field of comprehension of Self, the historic personality, the fear, the trauma become smaller and smaller parts of the larger field of YOU.

Self-Study requires commitment to Self.  Discover your original design.  Swim in the spiral of your eternal Being.

Presently the LOC Institute is offering a Self-Study of the Templates and Your Sentient Registers.  This series started in May.  Recordings of the first two calls will be sent to you when you register for this package. To register , https://www.loc-institute.com/product/a-self-study-of-your-relationship-with-your-sentient-intelligence-registers-package-of-all-7-calls/

Our Self-Study class on Template 3 and Your Sentient Registers, will be on July 14th, register here  https://www.loc-institute.com/product/a-self-study-of-your-sentient-intelligence-registers-template-3-july-14th/