How do You Move out of Confusion, Exhaustion and Purposelessness? by Maru Ocozco

My life has certainly not been traumatic and can even be considered as privileged in terms of what people experience all around me.

However, there was always this sense of not being what I was supposed to be and unable to fit in completely, though I tried repeatedly.  I tried giving up what did not match what seemed to please others and I even remember trying to think how another person would do it to choose what I was to say or do.

Of course, it didn’t work, and slowly but firmly depleted all sense of myself and trapped me in frustration and sadness.

The journey back to myself, back ‘home’, has been long and at the same time enthralling and reassuring that I am on the correct path.

Trigger points are always present. Events that throw me off balance pop up frequently, but now I have more tools to bring me back to my truth, to my essence, to being in coherence. Among those tools I have the Templates that constitute the Language of Creation, and the journey writing them has not been straightforward nor smooth. At the beginning, some years ago, I could simply not find what I wanted to ‘Crave’ for.

How could I crave for anything if I had no idea who I was and if I had the right to crave at all?

It was the Observing Templates that showed me the way into a path of Self discovery and Self assurance.

But why?

First of all, the Observing Templates break the spell of looping thoughts, and something ‘different’ comes out of your mind as you reach the final recursion. Sometimes even at the end of the first recursion. Sometimes that change only comes after writing several Observing Templates.

And then, as if from nowhere, something to crave for emerges and the energy from Creation starts flowing again, bathing all cells and igniting the joy of being alive.

And then, Creation craves through you, with you, and the sense of who you are, why you are unique and valuable becomes palpable.

So here I am now, as an Advocate for the Language of Consciousness Institute, and in more recent times, as a therapist and teacher for the Quantum Bioengineering Institute. Activities that let me express my truth, my craving to empower others around me and allow them to shine in whatever way their original design wishes to manifest.