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We Are Sculpting The Mental Mind
For Higher Consciousness

Welcome to the Language of Consciousness Institute

A Message from Elektra Porzel,

Director of the Language of Consciousness Institute.

I have a Dream.


The Language of Consciousness Institute is a place where you can learn to be you again; even if you are not yet sure who that is. Here we develop ‘technologies’ of consciousness and map out living practices that build your capacity so you can play a more consciously creative role in your life and in the world around you. 

We support you in building your strength, stamina and capacity to live the life you crave.  We support you in creating coherent, cohesive and congruent practices so that you can play a more consciously creative role in your life and in the world around you.  Here you will find connection, empathy and harmony with a shared goal of awakening to our higher consciousness.

Tools for Learning the

Creation Exercises

Individual Mentoring 


Group Events


The Language of Consciousness Institute is

Online Learning Community

We don’t just teach methodology . We guide and support our participants in creating the world they crave. 

Living Social Culture

Our culture is based on unity, empathy & harmony. Within this culture we practice ‘technologies’ of consciousness.

A Space of Wholeness

We have created a safe, trusted space where our community learns and experiences to re-member their inherent wholeness and their original design. 

"The use of the Creation Exercises supports us in gaining the Strength, Stamina and the Capacity to move out of the reality of separation and into the reality of unity where we can be who we came here to be as unique and essential beings in unity with what connects us to life and has us exist as whole."

Elektra Porzel, Founder and Director, Language of Consciousness Institute


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