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Sculpting Your Mind for 

Higher Consciousness

Welcome to the Language of Consciousness Institute  -

A Wisdom Culture Community


A place for self-Exploration, discovering the possibilities of who you are and who you are becoming, using the nine Templates of the Language of Consciousness as the foundation of discovery.

Templates become a part of your lifestyle...choices that you make in creating the life that you crave for yourself and humanity.

The Language of Consciousness provides a method that opens you up to be in Direct Connection with your deepest wisdom, with your larger Spirit, and with Creation. This develops internal sentient connections to personal hopes, dreams, cravings, goals, whatever you define that matters to you on your Journey. You are designing your life towards being whom you came here to be and doing what you came here to do.

Learn to Write and Use the Templates of the  Language of Creation

The Templates of the Language of Creation are based on the Golden Mean.  You use the Template and your own life-enhancing phrases to create new pathways to having and being the world that you crave.

  1. Purchase & read The Language of Creation by Tantra Maat
  2. Purchase our Instructional video: Learn to write & use the Templates: Template 1 Craving and Observing Templates.
  3. Read Guidebook for Templates 1 & 2
  4. Meet with your Mentor
  5. Write your first Creation Exercise.
  6. Continue writing your Creation Exercises.
  7. Join our monthly Group Mentoring Sessions

Fall 2023 Book Discussion Groups

It is in listening within conversation that we expand our thinking and our perspectives.  With new perspectives, we can make different choices in our lives.

"Right Story Wrong Story' is Tyson Yunkaporta's latest book.  Right Story, Wrong Story describes how our relationship with land is inseparable from how we relate to each other. We will discuss chapter by chapter.  Calls are every two weeks staring Oct 25th.

'Doughnut Economics' by Kate Raworth is looking at creating a model for our economy where all are included with measures other than GDP.  We will discuss each chapter together to see how we can create our own model for handling our economy differently.  This series starts on Sept. 21st.

Upcoming Products, Programs & Services for Fall 2023

Self-paced Products

Learning To Write and Use Templates 1 & Observing

Learning To Write and Use Templates 2 & Observing being


Individual and Group

Deepening Working with the Templates

Unpacking Your Creation Exercises using Template 4, Craving What being

Programs start in September and October.


Tantra Maat's latest book, You as the Mind of Creation, is now published on Amazon!!

This is a study and a workbook for you to develop your mind of
creation - not, in any manner, casual reading. Human beings have
moved into their own ability to self-develop and become ‘Self’ aware.
It is in that knowing that these books have been written. Enjoy!   Purchase here.


“When I write the Templates, a door opens and all that I love enters in to greet me and guide me”. E.G. 2022

Feel a sense of comfort and safety in being with a group that cares and is on the journey together with you - measurable through observation and conversation

We guide and support you as You

…realize that you are meant to be/do/have more

…become your own guide

…gain strength, stamina and capacity to be in choice

...go deeper into your own inner wisdom

What are the Language of Consciousness Templates and How Do They Help You?

The Language of Consciousness Templates, when written regularly, help you discover your deeper wisdom and your larger mind. They help you be in greater connection with Creation/God/Goddess/Source and your larger Spirit/higher Self. The Language of Consciousness Institute is focused on supporting you in the unfolding of your larger 'Self'. Our hope is that you discover yourself being whom you came here to be and you find yourself living within the reality that you crave.

The Language of Consciousness Templates were developed by Tantra Maat to help us move out of the limitations of our historic mental mind and move into our own thinking of our larger mind.

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“After many years of exploring and being with the Templates, sentient registers have broadened, deepened, and widen, especially my cognitive perception of the who and what I am in living sentiently". VM 2022

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