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Are you ready to start your journey?

The Language of Consciousness Institute provides the tools (video, audio, documents) to support your learning as well as a monthly events which all support your further exploration of the use of the Creation Exercises in creating the world that you crave.

You will find all the resources available on this site to learn about writing the creation exercises.  Guidebooks and videos which support your learning each of the Creation Exercises can be found in our Store.


Template Wisdom Gathering 

Oct 16, 2022

8amPT - 9:30amPT

Via Zoom

Cost: $8

Join us by the fire to discuss what each of us is opening up to by writing our Creation Exercises.

In 2022, in the Template Wisdom Gatherings, there will always be a question to intrigue us.  The answer will be worked out by the participants thru sharing and hands on work.

October's question is

"How has my sentience registers shifted as I wrote my Creation Exercises regularly over time?"

Let's share our experiences in the October Template Wisdom Gathering!!!

It is in these Gatherings that we meet to talk about our experiences in writing our Creation Exercises and the magic they generate in our lives.

Everyone can share.  Everyone can ask questions into the field.  There are always deepening possibilities shared by participants and Advocates alike.

These are fun, and supportive opportunities to talk with others who are experiencing writing these templates for the first time as well as those who have taught and written the templates for years.

The Advocates of the Language of Consciousness Institute are mentors on the call.  They have had years of experience writing and teaching the Language of Creation templates.



Designing Your Life: Engaging Your Sentience through the Templates of the Language of Consciousness

First Session: Oct 25, 2022

Last Session: Jan 17, 2023

Six 2 hour sessions with one 1 hour session during the holidays

Time: 10amMT

Cost: $610

Special Launch price: $377 thru 10/14

What supports you to learn deeply? Over 100 years ago Piaget discovered that we all learn differently...some need visual stimulation, some need auditory stimulation, some need kinesthetic stimulation and most of us need a combination of these learning supports. In our modern school systems, it is primarily auditory and visual stimulation. 

For me, while I found ways to adapt to the school system's focus on auditory and visual teaching methods, it wasn't until I was in Massage Therapy Training that I discovered that my best and easiest learning occurred in a combination of  hands on participation both in movement of my body and in conversation with others as a learning community.

That is exactly what our new learning program, Designing Your Life, proposes to give to its participants.  Two of our learning guides are experienced in leading others in movement explorations and 3 are long time practitioners of writing the Creation Exercises.

New blogs, articles and videos will be provided between sessions so that participants can set up their own self-learning schedule.  That leaves the actual live sessions to be focused on movement and silence; discussion and discovery; on sharing with and on listening to others. We will be deepening our sense of our own design through these activities which includes writing your own Creation Exercises.

It is within this environment that we deepen our sentient awareness and find that that deepening informs our writing of our Creation Exercises in a way that aligns us with Creation and our deepest wisdom.  

There will be seven 2 hour sessions overall. Each session focuses on one of the Templates.  Session 1 & 2 focus on the Observing and Observing being Templates.  

Sessions 3-7 focus on the first four Craving Templates: Craving, Craving being, Craving what and Craving what being. 

Session dates are: Oct 25, Nov 8 & 22, Dec 6 & 20, Jan 3 & 17. 

Cost of the program is $610.

We are offering a special discounted rate for early registrations of only $377!

Early Registration begins on Sept 23rd and ends on Oct 14th. Full price of $610 holds until registration closes on Oct 18th.


This page holds and will hold all the events that the Institute offers to support your movement into your higher consciousness and your capacity to bring that into your everyday life.

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