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Are you ready to start your journey?

The Language of Consciousness Institute provides the tools (video, audio, documents) to support your learning as well as a monthly events which all support your further exploration of the use of the Creation Exercises in creating the world that you crave.

You will find all the resources available on this site to learn about writing the creation exercises.  Guidebooks and videos which support your learning each of the Creation Exercises can be found in our Store.


Template Wisdom Gathering 

May 15, 2022

8amPT - 9:30amPT

Via Zoom

Cost: $8

Join us by the fire to discuss what we are opening up to by writing our Creation Exercises.

In 2022, in the Template Wisdom Gatherings, there will always be a question to intrigue us.  The answer will be worked out by the participants thru sharing and hands on work.

Our question is "How do we Emody? How is our body impacted by embodiment? How has Template 7 assisted us in the embodiment of our Spirit?"

Let's share our experiences in the May 15th Template Wisdom Gathering!!!

It is in these Gatherings that we meet to talk about our experiences in writing our Creation Exercises and the magic they generate in our lives.

Everyone can share.  Everyone can ask questions into the field.  There are always deepening possibilities shared by participants and Advocates alike.

These are fun, and supportive opportunities to talk with others who are experiencing writing these templates for the first time as well as those who have taught and written the templates for years.

The Advocates of the Language of Consciousness Institute are mentors on the call.  They have had years of experience writing and teaching the Language of Creation templates.


Torodial Accordion 1

Field Beings being a Field

Individual Sessions available starting on Feb 12th
On Jan 24th, Tantra led a call named Scribble Event during which she identified the differences between our Individual persona and our Field Being.
She worked with two individuals in that call and now has opened up individual sessions for others to experience this exercise.
The individual sessions called 'Field Beings being a Field' are 30 minutes long and cost $89.
Before the individual session, you MUST watch or rewatch 
Scribble Event of 1/24.
To watch the video:
If you have access to the FTM on Tapatalk, go to Forums/SHE2022/II Metamind/Metamind Research/MetaMind Entities/Newfield Network.  
If you do not have access to FTM on Tapatalk, then you will not be able to participate in this offering at this time. 
After completing your individual session, you are eligible to register for Scribble Event: Part 2. That event is not yet scheduled.

This page holds and will hold all the events that the Institute offers to support your movement into your higher consciousness and your capacity to bring that into your everyday life.

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