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The Art of Unpacking the  Templates: Summer 

Dates: Weekly calls Mondays, June 26 - Sept 11, 2023
Time: 8amPT – 9amPT*
Cost: $0

It is powerful to be part of a group as you learn and experience this transformational process of unpacking a Creation Exercise, continuing to hone and deepen your practice. Please join us in this vibrant space of discovery!

If you haven’t been with us before in the unpacking series, please join us! All are welcome to be in our discovery of the more of ourselves. Liz can assist you in the process of unpacking a Consciousness Template. 

If you have joined us in the unpacking journey this past winter or spring, please register below.

If you have had experience with unpacking the templates in the past, please register below and continue to discover more about your inner knowing with this group of dedicated template writers!

Do you have a longing to know yourSelf …to be in a deeper relationship with yourself? Are you craving to discover aspects of yourSelf that will make themselves known as you explore through the art of unpacking your life? Do you crave comprehending what being with others in this exploration of Self in a safe and loving environment, could mean for you?

Join Liz Geyer, facilitator, and the LOC Institute team, as we  gather together, unpacking our Creation Exercises and sharing what we are present to, continuing to build our ground.  In this series,  each participant will select one of their Creation Exercises to unpack. Each participant can continue to unpack the Creation Exercise they previously worked with, or begin to unpack a new exercise. Liz will continue to guide you thru the process of unpacking your Creation Exercises.



Book Discussion: Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta, Part 2

How do the practices, rituals and thinking of the Indigenous peoples of Australia inform us about how we can come to each other and the world differently?

Join our book discussion group on Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta.  We have discussed the book since March and are continuing into Part 2 starting with the chapter titled: 'Advanced and Fair'.

Dates:  Part 2 starts on June 7th and ends on Sept 13th.  We meet every two weeks on Thursday evening at 5:30pmPT for 60-90 minutes.  

How do Indigenous peoples know the world differently than the modern Westerners?  How will our comprehension of these differences support each of us in our journey to BE, to DO and to HAVE differently?  To BE, to DO and to HAVE like we came here to Be, Do and Have.

Meeting dates: June 7 & 21; July 5 & 19; Aug 2,16,30; Sept 13

Elektra Porzel will lead this discussion group as we explore each chapter of 'Sandtalk'.   We are both discussing the book and looking inward about how we could live this concept in our daily lives.  For those who write their Creation Exercises, this will be part of their exploration. 

Part 2 Cost: $8

Tyson Yunkaporta explores the learning, speaking and experiencing practices of the aborigines of Australia in Sand Talk.



Exploring New Stories in Summer 2023

Since February, we have been exploring the Next Stories from Charles Eisenstein's January blog on  In that blog, Charles Eisenstein lists some old stories that humanity has acted on as real and some Next Stories which are the explorations of another reality for humanity.  We have delved deeper  into our thoughts, our hopes, our wonderings.    

In Summer 2023 we will discuss twelve of the Next Stories. 

Ask yourself what evidence is there for this Next Story? 

What would life be life if it became a norm for our society?

Thursdays:  We will meet  for one hour weekly on Zoom, 5:30pmPT   

Cost: $12