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The Language of Consciousness Institute provides the tools (video, audio, documents) to support your learning as well as a monthly events which all support your further exploration of the use of the Creation Exercises in creating the world that you crave.

You will find all the resources available on this site to learn about writing the creation exercises.  Guidebooks and videos which support your learning each of the Creation Exercises can be found in our Store.

Template Writing Party (Nov)

Template Wisdom Gathering 

November 15, 2020

8amPT - 9:30amPT

Via Zoom

Cost: $13 

Yes, the name has changed to Template Wisdom Gathering!  Why?  Because it better reflects what occurs in these calls.  Everyone shares, ask questions to which many have their answers and observations; deepening possibilities are shared by participants and Advocates alike.

Questions about Template 6 will be addressed.

Please join us on Sunday Nov 15th at 8amPT for this 90 minute call.  Only $13. These are fun, and supportive opportunities to talk with others who are experiencing writing these templates for the first time as well as those who have taught and written the templates for years.

The Advocates of the Language of Consciousness Institute are mentors on the call.  They have had years of experience writing and teaching the Language of Creation templates.

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Curiously Exploring the Elements:  A five-part series


 Earth:Sept. 27, 2020
 Water: Nov. 8, 2020
 Fire: Dec. 6, 2020
 Air: Jan. 10, 2021
 Ether: Feb.14, 2021
 Time: 9:00-11:00 AM PT
 Exchange: $55.00
Through our curiosity, Beryl, Liz and Victoria wish to take you with us on a Curiodyssey. We are exploring wellness as a whole system response and awakening our natural sensitivities to restore our bond with the elements.
This five-part series is an opportunity to support ‘being becoming’, in co-creating a new template of living in the world.
Allow movement, art, music, writing, and the consciousness templates to develop your natural sensitivities.
Bring your curiosity, childlike wonder, and playfulness on this journey!
water element2
Curiously Exploring the Element of Water
Water: Nov. 8, 2020
Time: 9:00-11:00 AM PT
 Exchange: $15.00
Diving deeper into the exploration of what it means to flow, in a way that supports your relationship to the earth, in ‘being becoming’.
What does it mean to move with the Primordial Mother through the water element?
What is your relationship with/to water?
What does your innate connection with water bring out in you?
What is the activity that wants to be engaged with on behalf of water?
Curiously Exploring the Water Element
The water element is an opportunity to support moving in your relationship with the flow of the elemental force of water. 
Let's invite ourselves to be immersed in sound, music, art and movment play!
 Upon registration, you will be sent the link for this Zoom event. Recordings are available. To register, click below.

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