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2023 - What does it hold for your journey?

January brings us quiet visioning...of the coming year and how we might shift our beingness with others and in being our larger Self.  Join the team of the Language of Consciousness Institute as we meet with you and others in the field; with everyone taking the time to pause, to observe, to write and to be differently.

Below are the coming events for early this year.  Join us for one event or all our events.  We will BE together in becoming all that we each came here to BE.  We are creating activities for the new writer of the Creation Exercises and for those you are deeply using the Creation Exercises to create the life that they have craved for themselves.

You will find all the resources available on this site to learn about writing the creation exercises.  Guidebooks and videos which support your learning each of the Creation Exercises can be found in our Store.


The Art of Unpacking Your Creation Exercises with Liz Geyer

Dates: Jan 23rd  - Feb 27th

Time: 8amPT - 9amPT

Cost: $70

The Art of Unpacking The Templates

Dates: Weekly calls Jan 23 - February 27, 2023

Time: 8amPT - 9amPT

Cost: $70

We have spent the last fourteen weeks immersing ourselves in building new matrices.  We have built a cohesive field that continues to hum with activity!

Now we have an  opportunity to immerse ourselves more deeply through the art of unpacking the Templates.  We are Inviting you into this capacity to build your own grounding , so that you know yourselves more deeply.

In community, you can voice your  ground…you can explore when you get triggered…you can put this into the field if you choose as well…in this safe space together.  This gives us a place for the exploration of the internal. 

Unpacking is the getting your sense of what this exploration means for you. We are inviting you to step into this exploration in unpacking.

Join Liz Geyer, facilitator, as we  gather together, unpacking our Creation Exercises and sharing what we are present to, continuing to build our ground.  Liz will also continue to share what she is present to locally, and within the art of unpacking each week, through The Etheric Bulletin.  We hope that you will also share what you are present to in the field. 

You will be writing a Template 3 on each of the life-enhancing phrases of a Creation Exercise that you have written.  We will work with you to unpack  in  bite-sized portions so no one gets overwhelmed by the process, but instead savors each layer of goodness that rises as we explore!

This series continues to be a FIELD event.  There is power in being part of the event whether or not you can be live on the calls.



Becoming Modern Indigens: Part 1

using a discussion of topics in 'SandTalk' and writing Creation Exercises.

Starts: Wednesday March 15th.  Runs for 7 calls thru Chap 7

Time: 9amPT -10:30amPT

Cost: 70

What is a modern Indigen?????

In Western societies, we have lost much of what our ancestors thought about the world and how they interacted with it, Many of us are seeking to reestablish these relationships in how we connect to the world.  We are seeking to recreate a reality of unity with all life. 

How do we relearn some of the ways our indigenous ancestors thought and how they interrelated with the world?  Though we can't go back in time, we can look at how the indigenous peoples of the present day think and act together. In ‘SandTalk’ by Tyson Yunkaporta, the author describes and explores different ways that his aboriginal ancestors thought and acted together.

Interested in delving deeply into these ideas in ‘Sandtalk’?  

Starting on March 15th, Elektra Porzel will be leading a book group where, for each call, we will discuss not only the ideas put forth in a chapter, we will explore how to live that concept/practice in our lives.  For those of us who write the Creation Exercises, we will write a Creation Exercise on a term or idea from that chapter.  

This is a deeper dive as we will be hopefully integrating these new ways of thinking about and being with others into our daily lives. 

We will meet every two weeks ending in June.  Part 2 for an exploration of Chap 8 -14 will begin in Sept 2023.


exploration-from one reality to another

Exploring Charles Eisenstein's 'New Stories"

In his latest blog on, Charles Eisenstein lists some old stories that humanity has acted on as real and some New Stories which are the explorations of another reality for humanity.  Many of us have been explorers of the New Stories already in one degree or another.  I would love to be with others each week to discuss how we have evidenced the New Stories in our lives, or seen it in others lives or how the New Story brings hope to us and to humanity.

Dates:  Feb 2nd, Feb 9th, Feb 16th, Feb 23rd. 

Time:  We will meet weekly on Zoom, 5:30pmPT on Thursdays.  (5:30pmPT, 6:30pmMT, 7:30pmCT, 8:30pm ET) 

Cost: $40 for February

There are 29 New stories identified by Charles Eisenstein in his blog in Jan 2023.   Read the blog and get as excited as I am to talk about these ideas and the evidence in our lives that the new stories are beginning to be lived not just dreamt!

At the end of February, let's look at this format for our discussion and revamp it if needed for our discussion of 4 more New Stories in March.

We will meet on Zoom every week for 60 minutes.   For those of you who write Creation Exercises, we can also explore how those can be part of our discussion and exploration!

First month:  Cost: $40