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We all need support as we experience the transformations that occurred within us as we write creation exercises.  The templates are alchemical formulas that move you into a new mind; a new way of thinking.  They move you thru the seven levels of consciousness. There are shifts; therefore, in how we think, in what we experience physically and energetically. 

Our mentoring practices create support you through this experience of writing the creation exercises; creating, sustaining and maintaining, and embodying the world that you crave.  What you crave is not complete unless you also observe.  We assist you in identifying how both the physical and non-physical registers work synergistically to inform you as you write your cravings and observings.    

Since the templates are an alchemical formulas, the words and the punctuation are important parts of that formula.  Similar to a chemical formula, you only get the outcome if you follow the template.  It’s possible to think we know the format of a creation exercise and then forget in the writing of it or to assume that since our brain can’t imagine something resonant or life-enhancing, that these exercises are not for us.  Remember, these are just new challenges and can open you up to new ways of thinking and experiencing life.

The Mentors of the Language of Consciousness Institute

are available to help you in three ways!

Template Wisdom Gatherings

3rd Sunday of the month (mostly...see Events page for exact date.)

Bring your questions, challenges and creation exercises to the call.

Bring your sense of exploration and discovery!

Go to our Events pages to find the link to register for the month.

To register for our Template Wisdom Gatherings for 2022,  click here.


A Technical Review of your Creation Exercise

We review structure, formatting, resonance, not subject matter.

Send one example of one of your Creation Exercise to


Individual Support Mentoring Sessions

30-minute mentoring sessions

Review your creation exercises, answer your questions, and give feedback.

Assist you in comprehending the physical, emotional, mental and energetic changes that occur as you regularly write the creation exercises.

Our Mentors are Advocates who have taught the Language of Creation classes and have used the templates for years.

We schedule for 30 minutes at $34 per session.  To register, either click on a picture below or go to Individual Mentoring Support

Elektra Porzel

Founder & Director Language of Consciousness Institute

Mentor and Teacher of the Language of Creation

Integrative Mentor and Healer

Deborah Merchant, PhD


Maru Orozco

Mentor in Spanish & English


Liz Geyer

Mentor & Teacher of the Language of Creation

Victoria McMahon


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