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Books by Tantra Maat


You as the Mind of Creation is Book 2 of a Series of Books, You As Creation.

This is a study and a workbook for you to develop your mind of creation  not, in any manner, casual reading. Human beings have moved into their own ability to self-develop and become ‘Self’ aware. It is in that knowing that these books have been written. Enjoy!!

Available on Amazon in paperback.

Book cover LOC

The Language of Creation; Your Original Design

There is a Language of Creation, within which we all exist, whether a sun, a tiger, or a human being this language carries our Original Design. The flower opening toward the sun is that language. The spiritual feeling of being one with God is that language. The smile on a mothers face when her infant is placed in her arms is that language. The tears in our eyes when we feel heard or feel seen are that language. Over the course of time, we have forgotten. But now, once again, something is stirring. And we are Awakening.

Available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle.

Book cover Irish Tale

An Irish Tale of a Modern Mystic

Fact or fantasy? Walk with Tantra through this captivating book, moving into realms that exist in the fabric of the earth... connecting you with the elementals and primal forces that exist there. This book promises to be riveting and entertaining, enhancing your own personal journey.

Available in paperback on Amazon.

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