Creating a New Model of Learning

What would it be like to love your own Self Study?  To be invigorated by observing within and without?   What would it be like to feel safe in sharing in with others?  To be held in safety in a group discussion.  What would it be like to feel transparent in your sharings with others, safe and supported?  What would it be like to expand your experience of your consciousness with others in the field?

The LOC Team is in the process of creating a model of learning that includes these elements:  first offering individual and group instruction and support materials in how to use the Language of Creation to bring more of your larger Self into your life.  There will be opportunities to learn by yourself and with others.   Coaching is a word that would describe the way that we then walk with you as you gain competency in not just the how to write but more so in how to use the Templates to deepen your experience of living your deeper purpose, of having the strength, stamina and capacity to be, to do and to have all that you came here to be, do and have.  Again, both individual and group mentoring are utilized at this step.

We hope that you are excited by the idea of being in this kind of learning environment.  I know I am.  I learn so much from each new student that shares their ahas and their stumblings.  I can be present with them in that moment and we both open up to new perspectives and ways to utilize the power of the Templates to support them in being more of whom they crave to be.

We all remember being graded from A-F and having our self-image either bolstered or negated by those grades.  This is not what our learning model is about.  It is your life-enhancing phrases that are in your Creation Exercises, not our ideas of what is life-enhancing for you.   Our teachers and coaches are here to help you learn how to use the Creation Exercises to move toward what life-generating thoughts, actions that you crave for your life.

The last phase of our model revolves around a continued dynamic of group interaction/involvement while you are deepening your individual perceptive comprehension of your consciousness levels.  We don’t know what this looks like except that we know that structure is forming. We are clear that expanding our experience of different consciousness levels is only attained thru being part of a larger field.

I am writing this blog to reach out to you for your thoughts on this new model of learning and specifically on your ideas of this last step.

Let me flesh out what we mean by Self-Study.  First you are not in a classroom with a teacher that knows the correct information.  You are working individually, in a group  or with a coach to learn to use the Templates to attain what you want for your life.  It’s definitely not a grading system imposed by an outside group.  It involves learning new skills, taking on new practices all with an Observer stance of what is occurring both internally and externally.  What is your sense of what you came here to be, to do and to have?  What has stood in your way in knowing your be/do/have and living your be/do/have?

The responsibility for each of us moving toward or into our higher purpose, our craved reality is on our individual shoulders.  That’s what Self-Study is about.

What often gets in the way of us taking on this Self-Study? For many of us, what gets in our way is historic habits of acting/not acting in the world.  These historic habits are probably based in a trauma pattern of some occurrence.  They tend to be reactions without the time taken for choice or response. Another thing that gets in our way is our experience in ‘learning’ environments, i.e. school.  Our concepts of learning are probably based on someone wiser telling us what is correct and asking only for regurgitation thru testing.  The latter is not how we in the LOC Institute are defining learning

Our first step into Self Study is to start to write what we observe about our lives.  What do we observe being in our lives?  These Observings always seem to birth our cravings.  How do you write these Observings and Cravings so that you are not in your historic mind but in your be/do/have future mind?  You use the Templates of the Language of Creation.  In the Craving Templates, you write only life-generating, life-enhancing phrases.  In the Observing Templates, you write what you are experiencing/thinking right in the moment, negative or positive doesn’t matter.

As you journey through the Templates, you will define what words/people/concepts mean to you newly thru Template 3 & 4.  You will uncover those metapoints that you crave to be within in Template 5.  You will take on being One with Creation in Template 6 and you will hold embodiment of some state in Template 7.  It is a journey that continues to allow us to unfold into greater and greater aspects of ourselves.

This model of Self-Study will be used throughout our learning model.  We give you the resources and the support so that you can use your Creation Exercises to design the reality that you crave for yourself and for others.  We are with you in creating a new reality of unity here on earth.  We stand by your side as you design these realities that will bring humanity back to its original design.