The Greatest Show by Elektra Porzel

Here, on earth, in this time, we are in the midst of the greatest show that we can be part of. Absolutely.  No doubt.  I know this in the core of me now.  All my life I had hoped it and now I know it in my bones, in my tissues, in my heart, in my solar plexus, in my larger mind and in my Spirit.

When I was a child, I thought that maybe earth was the hell that the nuns talked about.  It seemed to me then that people lived in the world but not of it.  Nature was nature. Beautiful cycles and rhythms that soothed the soul. Yet people were denied access to the unity of nature mostly.  Their hell was that they lived in a restricted dense world that had them tied up and limited and sad, or angry or non-feeling and in their visual field was a reality of unity of nature that reminded them of what could be possible.  It was like offering a baby candy and not letting them have it, constantly 24/7.  Like hell.

Today I call that place, not hell, but the reality of separation which to me acts like a veil keeping people from seeing and connecting to the actuality of unity on earth. The question then for me as I grew up was how to survive this hell/this separation that left me feeling that struggle was the name of the game.  I started thinking of myself as a survivor, which to me meant that I wouldn’t let this hell kill me and I would just have to work hard to survive it. While I survived and ‘played by the rules’ there was no deep prolonged joy possible.  Moments yes, like the smiles of my babies and my grandbabies and moments of peace in nature.  I lacked the continuous knowing of being of the reality of unity as a core experience of my life.  I, like most humans, found moments of joy AND was still trapped behind the veil of separation.

Today my world changed, well, it started changing in my 30s when I stepped fully into investigating spirituality.  I thought at the time, that if I didn’t like my spirituality search or where it took me, I could always go back to the survivor mode.  Fast forward 40 years and there were many paths that I took trying to find my way out of this hell that we live in, out of the survival mode and into thriving in joy.  Five years ago a friend recommended that I read Tantra Maat’s, Tale of an Irish Mystic.  By the end of reading it, I was clear that I wanted the same access to Spirit that Tantra had.  After listening to her calls for several months, I was clear that she had something that would take me out of surviving and into thriving in joy in connection with my larger Spirit and with Creation.   So, I joined The Tiers which became the Spirals of Being at the Architect level.  How prescient of me!  My desire to architect a world where unity reigned for all humanity and for the earth filled me and drove me to persist.  I took on being the source space of the In Unity of Creation Institute which brings Tantra’s Language of Creation, Mind of Creation and Architect of Creation books into easy access for the world.

Today the mind of my historical life, of my doing and organizing personalities, has taken 2nd place to my Mind of Creation.  Permanently. YES!! I am in ecstasy.  I hold the Institute in my field as it vibrates and roils with vitality and joy as I do.  This life right here on this planet is the greatest show that we can be part of.  It contains all of our dreams of goodness, caring, love, joy and expansion.   We are more than we thought.  We live more of whom we truly came here to be when we are no longer veiled by the reality of separation.  Come and join me!  Discover whom you are and what you came here to do, to be and to have.  It’s more than you ever dreamed possible!  (For inspiration, listen to the song ‘The Greatest Show’ from the Greatest Showman.)