Being in this Season of Gratitude

We have passed the harvest season when our ancestors would have gathered in the crops.  They were grateful that they had food until the next spring to feed their families and their communities.  As the work of crop tending died down, our ancestors had time to step back and be grateful for all that they had received this year – in crops, in new life in the community, in friendships and family that supported them.  This is the season for each of us, today, to be grateful.  To be grateful for food, for shelter, for loving friends, for living a life that we stand tall within, that allows us to BE all that we came here to BE. If you wrote an Observing Being about how you BE today, what would you be present to being?  What would you open up to being?  What would you be?  This Observing Template helps us reflect on how we are being in our life. It pulls us out of emotional looping and thought looping.  Use it this season to clear your mind, heart and spirit so that you can open up to gratitude.

Once Samhain has passed, our ancestors looked to the darkening colder days and wondered.  Will the sun still heat our planet next year?  Will we continue to be blest with new food, new human life, supportive community life?  So, this season marks the festivals that celebrate not just this harvest of survival and thrival but the coming of light for the new year with promises for another year of being fed by our earth.  Diwali is the first to arrive on Thursday Nov 4th.  Called the Festival of Lights it includes gatherings of family and friends for shared ritual, shared food and good times together.  The children receive gifts and another year is looked forward to.  In the US, there is Thanksgiving when families gather from our far-flung outposts to meet and share a feast together.  Hannukah, also called a Festival of Light, arrives on Nov 28th this year with a focus on miracle of the lights of the Temple in Jerusalem staying lit for 8 days.  This miracle is celebrated with shared ritual, food and gift giving.  Gratitude is the theme for all these November festivals.

Winter Solstice arrives on Dec 20th this year.  It too focuses on sharing food and celebrations with family and friends.  Wiping out the old of the previous year and looking forward in delight to the shortest day ending and to the longer days that will again bring back the sun to help us feed ourselves and our communities.  Also known as Soyal in the Hopi Nation, Dong Ahi in China, Inti Rayni in Peru, Yalda Night in Iran and Afganistan, this is probably our oldest festival of light.  What light are you calling in for your own life, for your family’s life, for your community’s life, for your nation’s life?  We must not waste the precious gifts that we have been given, that all humans were given.  How will you BE in this season and in the coming year, so that what you crave in life will be manifested?  The Templates of the Language of Creation are a gift that keeps on giving.  What do you Crave?  What do you Crave being?  How would you change the meanings of words so that they were resonant in your inner Self?  Craving What…Craving what being?  Templates 5,6 and 7 move you in craving in your connection with Creation/God/Goddess.  Use them if you crave being in alignment with your Source.

Then there is Christmas presently celebrated on the 25th of December with family and friends gathering to celebrate the day and their own community with gift giving for all, particularly for children with the figure of Santa Claus in the USA.   Kwanza follows as the newest festival of gratitude, and it continues the theme of gratitude, community, shared food, gift giving and sustainability for all.

Take a deep breath.  That’s it, breathe thru your nose and out your mouth.  Keep breathing in a slow natural cycle.  Now take out your Observing or Observing being Templates.  Write what you are present to…what you are opening up to…what you have.  This is a season of Gratitude and therefore it is also a season of reflection.  Reflect on what you crave for your life and write a Template on that.  Then write an Observing.  Are you in an emotional or mental looping?  Write an Observing or Observing being Creation Exercise.  These templates literally take your hand and support you in having the world, the reality, that you crave to live in and to be in. Give yourself a gift this season and write your Creation Exercises every day.  Then on New Year’s Day when you would usually write your New Year’s Resolutions, write your Creation Exercises on Template 7 and start to unpack it for the coming month.  Then I ask you to get back with me, with the Advocates of the Language of Consciousness Institute, and let us know how you have changed, how you find yourself becoming what you craved to be. I will be on this same journey with you.  I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

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