Our Body and Our Spirit are One by Elektra Porzel

When I was in catholic elementary school, the nuns would say that our body was a temple of the soul.  Inwardly I would roll my eyes as this statement was usually stated along with cautions about boys.  No advice on nutrition or exercise or listening to your inner guidance!  Just don’t sit on their laps!

Now over sixty years later I am now comprehending the larger meaning of this phrase.  Our body does house our soul.  Our body speaks to us not just of trauma.  It now speaks to us of the integration of our Spirit, our larger Being, in a more conscious way for us.

If you are experiencing symptoms of dis-ease recently, maybe it is not the old trauma history talking.  Perhaps it is the adjustment of your body to the higher vibrations of your Spirit.

You are on a journey of a return to your original design. On that journey, you must learn to listen to your body, your mind and your Spirit’s voice. You must also seek support from others. With another in the field, your capacity to hold these higher vibrations will grow.  You are building your strength, stamina and capacity for the embodiment of your Spirit.

There are several ways that you can support yourself during these times.

  • Yes, seek out all the support that you can to help balance your physical body’s reconfiguring…Homeopathics, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Naturopaths, chiropractors.
  • Yes, you should be writing the Observing and Craving Templates to help you discern what thoughts best support you on this journey. Write these at least weekly.
  • Seek out your allies at this tipping point of your transmutation.
  • Listen to the April 29th YouTube talk on Tantra’s CreateAWorld channel to get more comprehension about this wobbly and wonderful transmutation that we are experiencing.

All I know is that we are in a shift.  Not towards the life-defeating, but towards what is life-generating and life-enhancing. Trust that.  Open up to this new conversation with your body as a beginner.  The messages of trauma will quiet and the messages of hope and opening up to ‘who you are’ will get louder for you.

Perhaps this dance of connection of our body with our Spirit is not just the turning point of our Spirit with our human body.  Perhaps this dance of connection is species wide.  Perhaps it is the dance of humanity and our one Human Soul bringing us back to our original design with Mother Earth as our midwife.


Join us in conversation whenever you can…we seek to be in connection with you as you seek to be connected to others in the field.