The LOC Institute’s role in Tantra’s G.O.D. Matrix Project

I hope that you are as excited as we are!  This is the first time that all 9 templates will be taught together in a Language of Creation series.  This is an amazing opportunity to focus on learning and practicing all nine templates over a seven-month period.

There is an essentialness of the ‘both/and’ that Tantra Maat and Elektra Porzel offer in the LOC series.  Elektra, the Director of The Language of Consciousness Institute,is an integral partner with Tantra in this project. Tantra wants to build the strength, stamina, and capacity of participants’ higher consciousness thru the energetics of the templates.  Elektra and her mentors help participants become skilled in the creation exercises and assists them in actualizing their achieved higher consciousness into their daily life, into their everyday world. Our goal is to build a world where your higher consciousness can live in unity with others.  We sculpt the mental mind for higher consciousness.

Logistically, this is how it will go.  On the first Saturday of each month, Tantra will spend 1.5 to 2 hours with the group talking about the consciousness of that month’s template. Elektra will lead the following hour discussing the technical aspects, challenges, and benefits of writing that month’s template.  It may seem like a lot of time and trust me, it is not.  When we taught the Templates previously, we usually took 45 minutes per template just to present, discuss and give people time to practice.  On June 6th, we will be focusing on the Craving and Observing templates.

During the month, participants in the G.O.D. Matrix Project will be regularly writing the Craving and Observing creation exercises as part of the deepening of themselves in the field.  They may be in either the Timeless Time or Money Matrix projects and be writing their Cravings around those projects OR they may be writing them on their own projects.

The LOC Institute mentors are available to help participants become proficient in the writing of their creation exercises.  We do that thru individual mentoring,  creation exercise review and group mentoring, our Template Writing Party.   Go to

During the month of June, the Institute team will be designing and developing materials for teaching Craving Being and Observing Being.  Those materials will be in our store and our library by July 1st.  Each month we will develop new materials for the coming month’s template. This will be true every month thru December when we teach Template 7 Embodiment.  yes, for the first time in 20 years, information about the larger field of each template will be available on the LOC Institute website.  It’s been my goal for four years, and I am excited to be part of building this compendium of wisdom and information.

If you are interested in Tantra’s G.O.D. Matrix project,  go to

We look forward to working with many of you over the next seven months.  Bon Voyage!