May Flowering of Your Larger Self by Elektra Porzel

Tantra has often told us that enlightenment is a biological event.  It is also an emotional and mood event over time.  As we move into unity with our larger Self, there is a breaking apart of and/or a discombobulation that occurs in our historic personality.  This can be tiring and fatiguing.  It can be upsetting as almost everything is not the same, and our future form/direction is unknown.

Sometimes it may feel like the historic self is tightly holding on to the way that we act in the world.  It probably is just that. Our minds think historic thoughts.  Thoughts that were given us by our families, our religions, and our societies. These thoughts become automatic ways of reacting to people, to words or to just anything that we encounter.  The problem with these thoughts is that they are reactions that occur before we can choose another behavior or action.  Once you have written a Template 3 Creation Exercise on a word/person/thing that irritates you or pings you, then your brain has access 13 different life-enhancing phrases to choose as your response to a situation.

Can you see how this brain-pause to choose gives you choice?  Afterwards, perhaps you don’t have the knee jerk reaction at all and/or your response is just being neutral. In writing our Creation Exercises from the Language of Creation, we have been creating new neural networks that now have dozens of life-enhancing phrases attached to a word or phrase in our brains.  There is more choice in our brains and therefore more opportunities to respond differently to life.  We can follow the old thinking thoughts (thunking in Tantra Maat lingo) or we can allow all the options of our life-enhancing phrases to give us choice.  To BE differently. To BE our larger Self.

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We are used to thinking that our ‘I’ is how we think, behave, relate to others.  In reality the “I” definition is in the past tense…have thought and have behaved over our lifetime.  As we open up to the more of our larger Self, we discover new ways of being our Being, being our larger Self.  If we want to be more of whom we came here to be, we need to write Template 3 and 4 regularly.  Start with the less volatile pinging and move on to those that you have a strong reaction to…is it a person?…is a concept or word?…is it thing?

Template 3 is your go-to Template, to start creating the life that you crave.  ‘Craving what a person, word or thing is for me is’.  You redefine what that person, word or thing is for you, leave behind what your family, religion or society or your experience has defined it.  Embrace 13 life-enhancing phrases instead.  Here’s my example:  I had a woman in my apartment complex who didn’t want to be part of a Garden group which I led, instead she wanted some flower beds for her own use.  I wanted us to plan and work on all the beds together.  The end result of the disagreement was that the manager of the building gave her two beds for her own use.  After that, every time she saw me, she grimaced, acted aloof and purposely walked away from me.  I was just tired of seeing her do this, so I wrote a T3 Creation Exercise about her.  In the writing I opened up to her as a mother, a dog owner, grandmother etc. I saw her as all the roles that she played in the world.  Afterwards I discovered that I didn’t have an internal reaction to her behaviors, I felt neutral.  Her behavior also lessened over time.  Whether or not I had thought that I didn’t react to her negative behaviors, I must have had my cringe in my energetic field.  Try writing Template 3…you will like it!

Template 4 is about ‘Craving what being a state of being or feeling is for me is being’.  On June 1st we will be exploring this Template and the how and why of using Template 4.  Again, if you crave to BE differently in the world, then this Template is a critical one to write regularly.  If you are in the Magician of Self series that Tantra is offering, it is so very important that you write this Template.  You crave to BE differently.  You crave to be more of your larger Self.  Join the LOC Team on June 1st to learn more about this Template and receive mentoring.

Join the LOC Team on Saturday June 1st to about the why and how of writing your Template 4 Creation Exercise:

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