The Magic and Wonder of Our Lives by Elektra Porzel

What is magic?

Magic can be spectacular or almost dismissed as just an ordinary phenomenon.  It’s all about our expectations.  Many people felt an atypical awe when watching the total eclipse.  Once our indigenous ancestors might have felt and thought of an eclipse as magical…i.e. no explanation for a phenomena that is accompanied by awe and wonder.  That is how magician’s make their living…by creating phenomena that belie our expectations.  The impact of their tricks relies on our programmed thought processes for certain predictable results.

So, in watching magic shows, we assume that the result before our eyes is something we could not have predicted, then the phenomena is ‘magic’ or a trick.  Sometimes if there isn’t a magician around then we would say that there was an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source…supernatural only because we do not know specifically what caused an event or occurrence. Supernatural is the word that we use when on one level we admit to the impact of the etheric other dimensional forces in our lives and on the other hand we may  not want to discuss it or openly acknowledge our interrelationships with those forces.

Yet isn’t there magic in everyday life?  The magic of spring when flowers bloom and bring pleasant smells on the breeze; birds return to our homes and awaken us with their dawn conversations; shoots of new green grasses that stimulate your eyes and brighten our hearts because they harken the return of spring and summer.  Love is magical with its impact on our self-esteem and psyche.  Ever been welcomed by an infant?  Pure love with no qualifiers!  That’s magical!

How do we experience the magical?

What are our sentient registers for the magical in our lives?  Would the sense of wonder or of awe be part of that experience?  I heard someone say of the eclipse that it brought him a sense of something greater than himself.  What were his internal registers for that experience?  A opening up to the universe?  An emotion?  Energies running through him?

Our sentience is the conversation between our bodies, our brains, our nervous systems and with our Spirits or Soul.  These systems are responding to what is occurring within and outside of us on a 24/7 basis.  Our conscious mind doesn’t recognize most of this information and the rest of our body does. This is what we call our sentient intelligence.  Our sentient registers are simply what we have come to understand in our bodies as signals for danger, sadness, joy, awe, wonder etc.  Paying attention to our own sentient registers gives us greater sensitivity to what is occurring around us and therefore a greater capacity to respond in a manner that serves ourselves and others best.

Sometimes a sense of awe is the sentient register that helps us recognize the magical in life… the snow glistening on a branch; the light of love in someone’s eyes; rainbows…

Are you a magician?

I think everyone is a magician in one way or another.  From the farmer and gardener who plant seeds and reap beauty and food as the results; from the animal rescue person who protects the lives of animals; from the writer to the painter be they 4 or 100 who create beauty out of their own experience of the world.  Aren’t those miracles?

What magic do you perform in the world?  Do you smile at someone and receive a smile in return?  Do you offer help when others need support?  We are magicians for ourselves when we get off the couch and give our body exercise…we don’t know how that exercise helps the body and yet health and flexibility arise.

When do you allow yourself to be more than your historic personality?  Try a new activity; reach out to be or do differently.  We are not our history.  We can evolve and shift how we present in the world based on our cravings for our future.

What would it be like to think of yourself as magician?

If you and I are regularly magicians in life as I spoke of above, then why don’t we think of ourselves that way?  One of the reasons might be that we think that we are and will always be what we have been historically.  Guess what, you don’t have to continue to behave in the expected manner of your family, your social class, your religion or of your own ideas of how you ‘be’.

Tantra Maat is presently offering a series called The Magician of Self.  She defines the Magician Archetype: The Magician Archetype carry attributes that drive them to understand the fundamental laws of the universe in order to make dreams into reality. The Magician connects to experiences of synchronicity, flow, and oneness, with a curiosity about the hidden workings of The Generating Organizing Designs of Creation.

We, who wish to be the magician of our Self, have to step out beyond our historic personalities and responses to the world.  We seek to know that larger Self that has been hidden beneath our entrained historic personalities.  How do we start that process?  One of the tools that I use is the Templates of the Language of Creation.  These Templates help us write what life-enhancing life-generating futures that we crave for ourselves.  In that writing of those cravings we step into this ‘other’ Self that has been hidden from us.  We begin to act from that Self and thus in those interactions we shift how we be and what we do in our lives.

My experience is that it is daunting before I take the first step; oddly satisfying as I experience writing my Creation Exercises; surprisingly at ease when I interact differently in the world and when I experience a different perspective in choosing how I respond to phenomena that comes up.  It’s not an instantaneous process and it is a path of choosing what I do with the time that is given me for the rest of my lifetime.  What do you want to do with the rest of your life?  Be the same?  Be differently?  Have the same?  Have differently?

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”  JR Tolkien, as spoken by Gandalf in the Fellowship of the Ring.

What would you be as a Magician?

Tantra Maat defines it this way:

Magicians of Self are Source-based beings who transcend personal conditioning by navigating through doubt and uncertainty and engage in a perpetual endeavor to enhance themselves. They manifest reality through the actions of their Being, the caliber of relationships they cultivate, and the love they both experience and extend. Their strength and nobility emanate from the unadulterated nature of their objectives, coupled with their astuteness in discerning signs that reinforce their inner awareness, confirming they are on the correct trajectory of their source-based development and their source-based contributions and have additional personas of source-based Beings.

If I can try to do it, so can you.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”Albert Einstein


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