How are you being your Being? by Elektra Porzel

‘Being’ is a state that is experienced sentiently through body sensations, emotions, and language. We have historic memories of ‘being’ states that we have experienced.  What we do not have is a sentient knowing of what our ‘being’ experience will be when we are being our larger Being, our higher Self. This opening up to different ways of ‘being’ this larger Self can be one where we are anxious, where we are confused, where we are stumbling into the unknown. We want a beautiful world where all that we have craved is manifested and yet we don’t know how that beautiful world and life will become our norm.

The word ‘being’ is both a verb and a noun.  As a verb it is a sentient state that we remember…being happy, being content, being angry etc.  Using ‘being’ in a broader description that includes many actions and experiences over time is often hard to synthesize such as:  what is being a good mother feel like?  Being a kind person?  Being whom I came here to be?  Woah, I snuck that in.

As a noun, it has an upper case B.  Our Being is often described as our higher Self, our Spirit embodied.

As we seek our purpose for having this lifetime, we can say that we are seeking to be whom we came here to Be, to Do and to Have. We are here to live our purpose.  It often feels somewhat nebulous as we open up to the possibilities of our purpose enacted in our lifetime.   In moving forward in our lives, we unconsciously depend on what we have lived through already, those historic memories, yet we cannot project those memories onto a future where we are dreaming differently.

How can the historic memories provide the template for our future that we have never known?  It can not. Ultimately we must stop using our historic concepts of ‘being’ our highest Self and open up to this unknown ‘being in the present moment way of being and doing’.

Trying to language that which we have not experienced before is really crazy making. I spent several months this last fall grappling with a mind that would not go into my historic forward planning mode.  The future moment was an empty space.  I thought I was mentally declining. I couldn’t figure out what I needed to do to bring back my old sense of ‘moving forward’.  What was occurring was that my mind and body were giving me what I said I wanted…that is to embody my Being in every moment.  Turns out that being my Being is an in-the-present-moment experience, not one based in historic patterns.  To regain my mind required that I opened up to what is rising in the moment.

I kept measuring ‘getting back to my old normal’ as what should occur.  When I finally realized that what was occurring in my experience of ‘no mind’ was going to give me greater access to being my Being, then I relaxed into this new knowing and my mind felt better.  I could think again.  I could plan to do what felt resonant and life-generating for me.  Not in the old forced ‘must do’ plan but in checking in with my heart and my body wisdom in the moment to see if what I want to do is what is best for me to be or do in the moment.  This works because the heart does not carry any historic memory.  It is part of the Gut Brain/Vagus Nerve complex which monitors what is occurring within and outside of ourselves 24/7.  This new choosing in the moment demands that I follow what my heart tells me is true…not following what my historic habits want me to do.

I have two tools that I use to help me in this process of the becoming ‘being my Being’.  First is the Creation Templates of the Language of Creation.  These Templates help each of us define what we crave; what that craving creates in our lives; what that creating being/doing state sustains and maintains in our lives and then what that sustaining and maintaining embodies for us.  It is here that I have gained access to my soul-deep cravings, my highest spirit wisdom and I deepened my connection to Creation.  It is in writing my Creation Exercises that I design the life and world that I crave.  These phrases in our Creation Exercises are the directions that are given to Creation and our Allies/Guides for our support.  Sort of like a GPS.  The Craving Creation Exercise is our desired destination.  The Observing Exercise tells Creation where we are in the moment.  That allows our heart to give us the daily in the moment directions just like our GPS does.  You can access more information about the Templates of the Language of Creation at

My second group of tools are the heart-oriented protocols of the Quantum Bioengineering Institute.  These protocols helped me provide energetic support to my daily living.  My heart tells me what is my priority for being and doing in the moment.  While this Institute’s website is in Spanish, we have a translator who teaches us in English.  If you are interested, I can give you her contact information.  Just email me at You can access more information about the QB Institute at