Reflections on Our Nature of Being

‘Tis the Season’ is ringing in the air.  Have you noticed that colorful lights are springing up everywhere, early this year?  Reflecting upon this observation of human beings craving to give and feel light, warmth, health, love to and with one another today, because We all need these loving connections, is so up right now!  I have been with the reflection of our nature of Being in all of this beautiful light springing up, leaves falling, indicating a shift in season, and world chaos.  I am present to people really opening up to their nature of being, and who they ‘Be’ for themselves and others.  I am in complete awe and wonder with what I am observing in others and mySelf, and how powerful We are all Being in this intense time.

What is it about our Nature of Being that has us moving forward with a beautiful tenacity of spirit? Are you curious about how are you Being in the complexity of Life right now?  Are you amazed by your capacity to Be in the opportunities and possibilities being laid before you?  I certainly am!  In one moment, I am being in awe of the beauty surrounding us here in California with Fall at its height of color, and in the next moment, I am in tears of deep love and compassion as I sit with a dear friend who is transitioning at this time.  What is that power we hold to BE in these intense moments of the both/and and complexity of Life?  

Tantra Maat has stated in one of her beautiful conversations about the Creation Exercises, in the second Template, Craving Being,  as per the nature of being that “‘Being’ doesn’t distort…craving being happy is a natural state. “ Tantra continues, stating in Template 4, Craving What Being is for me is being, “Craving what being happy is for me is a restorative phenomenon.  It is a phenomenon that is restoring the original nature of the original design of human being.”  What rises for you when you read this?  I can certainly now feel a restoration taking place.  I feel the power of a both/and…of being strong in the intensity of life deconstructing and constructing now.   I feel the beauty of connection, Being who I am, Where I am with others to seed new realities of life affirming environments and interactions, in community with incredible humans who want Paradise and are living in Paradise now.  The both/and of Being our Nature of Being.  Ahh…as I wrote this, I had to stop and take in some deep breaths.  We are crying one moment, laughing the next, dripping with this vast, intense love We are all feeling, and it is such an amazing experience to be present to our Being!

In reflecting during this season and moving forward, what do you want to Be in your sphere of Life?  Do you crave to be with others to generate fields within which we can build new realities of existence?  Are you curious about being with your nature of being to connect with yourSelf, and with Others to look more deeply about who you are in the matter of Life?  In January, I will be facilitating a group to unpack our nature of being.  I invite you all to join me to go more deeply together to discover more of who we are Being, and to generate and restore our natures of Being, building fields within fields!  I hope to see you and Be with you all in the New Year! You can find the link here: