Etheric News Bulletin! By Liz Geyer

Calling all life-enhancement workers, dancers, beings!  Etheric Newsflash, as of today, in this time of thinned veils!  Can you feel it?  The swirling energies, powerful photonic light surges, energetic surges, cosmic and galactic surges, all coming together at this time?  According to sources ‘witch’ can be trusted at this time, these surges are all working on our behalf, enhancing our capacities to evolve!  We are being encouraged to gather round together to dream and design that which we crave to see in the world!  Town criers all over the world are shouting the same news!

“Come together in heart-based community to share and build something magnificent that we haven’t known in this lifetime, and possibly many lifetimes!”-Pam Gregory, Astrologer.

Have you felt the pull to gather round with others?  I know I have!  The emergence and embodiment group just completed and incredibly powerful seven weeks building a field of strength.  I can feel the pressure, the pull, the passion to continue in this work.  Can you feel it too?  What an incredible opportunity we have!   I long to Immerse OurSelves to Co-Create New Realities!  And you??  The day before a total lunar eclipse is to take place, November 7th, we shall gather again, to continue to build new structures of being for our future.  We shall collaborate, just like those before us did in the days of old.  Remember the sewing circles?  Well, perhaps you have never picked up a sewing needle in your life.  That is okay!  We shall string our needles with beautiful language, and sow new seeds into the new fabric of life being created now!  We can use color in our language and sew new tapestries of what we long to see.  Thread by thread we shall sew!  

Where there is deconstruction, there is also construction.  Think log cabin…what an amazingly strong structure a log cabin is!  Each sentence in our Templates is a log that, when built with others… a geometric matrix, can stabilize the field and move us forward to the more of life we long for.  Thus, we shall stabilize these powerful energies swirling around.  

Here is another perspective; just imagine how our field will hum and create new realities…, with all of the language we shall generate, with all of the sharing we will create together being in this field! Imagine the connection, the community, the joy of being together!  Think of the consciousness we shall expand in ourselves and others!   Imagine the new music we shall hear?  Syncopated rhythms, the unexpected shining the light in an expected world.  What a sight!  What richness!

So come one…come ALL! Join us November 7th at 7 AM PT,  to co-create!  We look forward to gathering with you!  Click on this link to register!