The Invisible Box that We Live In

We each live in an invisible box.  For the most part, we are unconscious of it regarding its walls as just how life is.  It was created throughout our lifetime from all the beliefs that we learned from our families, our religions, our schools, our governments and from all our experiences.  It appears as how we view ourselves, the world, other races and cultures, our position relative to others. It appears as those automatic reactions that we experience and act on.

I began to think about this recently when I noticed that old patterns from my childhood started appearing in my daily thoughts and reactions.  Last fall I was offered the opportunity to stay with a group of 10-12 friends for two weeks.  Immediately my stomach lurched and I was brought back to family vacations that were more work and no fun.  I said no thank you and dodged the bullet, or so I thought.  In the following months, I heard about and saw the photos of the special time that this group had had together.  Hmmm, what was I missing when I decided to treat my memories as pictures of my future?

I was one of 7 children.  One of the middle children I watched the more boisterous kids get my parents attention, sometimes good and sometimes bad.  In my family, my experience was that each child was allowed to be known for only one attribute – the pretty one, the smart one, etc.  That led to hard feelings (like the nuns telling my younger sister that she should be better in school like her older sisters. Ouch!) It hurt sibling relationships then and some of that continued into adulthood as how we acted with each other and with others.  Fast forward 50 years and periodically find myself responding to other members of a group like I responded to my parents and to my siblings. Who gets the leaders attention etc. Who is listened to?  The feelings of not being enough or competition arise.  I can feel it in my gut and in my heart.  These sentient emotional reactions really do not apply to the present and there they are.  Geez!

This is the invisible unconscious box that I see arise in my life and in friends lives.  The past often controls our present reactions.  Our past relationships guide our ‘instinctual’ reactions to present relationships.  Please note that I am using the word ‘reaction’ not the word ‘response’.  Reactions are automatic when old triggers start the old neural pathways firing.  Responses are different, they are chosen, they are the breath we take when that reaction path starts to be triggered and we say ‘no’. ‘Then is then and now is now.’

I use the Observing exercise from the Language of Creation to open the space for me to step back from my reactive neural pathways and invite some other perspectives into my internal looping.  I use the Craving exercises from the Language of Creation to start new neuronal pathways so that a one-time ‘choice to respond’ becomes a new pattern in my brain and my life.  So, no, I didn’t do that with the group gathering. Yes, I have used it with my reactions to other members of groups and to my own personal actions around eating and exercising.

Recently I was with a group of friends who have all written Creation Exercises.  We talked about how language limits our possibilities because language carries the meanings of words that come from our culture, our religions, our families.  The Creation Exercises give us the opportunity to give space to our brains and our minds, so that old neuronal pathways can add on new pathways to other viewpoints, experiences, perceptions.  We become open to new insights from our Spirits, from our higher Beings.  There are recursions and recursions of living at expanded fields of existence that we get to experience.  These old patterns do pop up and that is a gift.  A gift because by noting that old pattern and using the Creation Exercises to open it up, well, it no longer is a reactive pattern governing our life.

Our lives then become full of new possibilities.  They become the creation of new neuronal pathways that result from new experiences, new knowledge, and new activities like the Creation Exercises.  The Creation Exercises only requirement is that you follow the word formula and that the phrases in your Craving Exercises are life-enhancing, life-generating for you and that in the Observings you write what you are present to sentiently, not in how you think what you should be present to.

We do not have to live in our old invisible box. We do not have to be governed by our reactions.  We can create bigger boxes, bigger landscapes that hold the old and the new of whom we are.  It is a fun trip as we open up to the MORE of who we are, as we open up to whom we came here to be.

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Then write your Craving Creation Exercises and your Observings, at least several times a week.  These Creation Exercises help your brain rewire itself.  To create new neuronal pathways, you must keep writing.  There are 9 Templates and in Guidebook 1 & 2, you learn 4 of them.  Take your time and when you are ready, purchase Guidebooks 3-7.

Join our Template Wisdom Gatherings on the 3rd Sunday of the Month to share your aha’s, your challenges and your questions with others who are writing their Creation Exercises.  It is in a shared space with others that we open to the MORE of who we are and who the others are as well.