Your Body as the Language of Creation by Elektra Porzel

Your body is the vehicle through which your Spirit experiences the world. It provides you with the sentient experience of matter while your Spirit enlivens your experience with memories of your original design and of the reality that you crave.

You are the actor upon the stage experiencing the world from your own perspective through the sensory capacities of your body, through the lens of your culture’s indoctrination while your Spirit reminds you that once there was a paradise that existed here and urges you forward to call it in.

From William Shakespeare’s view, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”.  What is the play that we are acting in?  …life as matter enlivened by Spirit in search of paradise.

How do I experience my body as the language of Creation?

Through your sentient awareness which springs from your body as sensations, as energies moving through you, as words popping into your head, as a drawing of your attention to something to pay attention to.  It is experienced as

Your joy at hearing the sound of a baby’s laughter

Your delight in the sparkle of sunlight on the water’s surface

Your sudden inward breath at being present with the colors of sunset or dawn

Your tenderness when holding the hand of a beloved

The familiar smell bringing back memories of long ago

The feeling of being part of the group that you are with

Your sense of settling into the solitude of quiet

How do I listen to the language of creation?

With your five senses and your internal listening to

your heart’s longing for a world that you have not experienced in this lifetime

your inner questioning of what is resonant for you

your sensing of energies moving thru you

words and phrases that pop into our heads and feel life-enhancing to you

your inner voices telling you what is ok or not ok                                                                  

What part of my body is talking when I listen internally?

Every cell and organ in your body as they stand 24/7 for your thrival in this world.

Your Enteric Nervous system also known as your Gut Brain, your solar plexus

Your glial cells which store your memories, your hopes, your dreams and connect them all together via neural networks in your head-brain and your gut brain.

Your embryonic cells which remember your original design of whom you came here to be, to do and to have.

How have humans languaged this language of creation within us and in the world?

Through the noticing of consistent patterns in the structure of life forms here that are called geometric forms, the Fibonacci spiral, the golden mean

Through the study of systems within the human body that act in                                                                                                                                       harmony and balance with other organs and cells

Through the application of these organ and system’s relationship knowings in creating spiritual and healing modalities such as the Taoist practices, the Ayurvedic healing practices.

Through the investigation and application of the healing powers of herbs, gemstones, different sound vibrations.

How are these all different or same as the Language of Creation presented in the book, Language of Creation, by Tantra Maat?

Same as in the structure of the Templates being the same as the golden mean, the Fibonacci spiral

Same as in direct correlation with the Solfeggio tones

Same as the body’s sentient awareness informing us

Different in that we use language and sentience to create phrases that are life-enhancing and life-generating

Why the emphasis of sentient awareness in writing the Observing and Craving Templates?

Because sentient intelligence is your Flesh and your Spirit’s communication system with the conscious you.  Your sense of Self is a combination of your historic experience and your determination to create the life that you crave.  Your Spirit and your Flesh remind you of your original design and of the life that you came here to live in the reality that you crave to be here.

For millennia, humans have searched for a return of paradise through how they BE in the world.  We are in that same search.  Many thousands of years ago, a king names Hermes developed the Hermetic Law of Resonance.

“If you change your resonance, if your predominant thoughts change in vibration, if you have more and more confident, positive and optimistic thoughts, if you are able to abandon yourself to the Divine Plan, because everything makes sense, then opening yourself to what is beautiful, elevated, harmonious will become your new reality, attracting it more and more in your daily life, Think without conditioning, Think the best and the best will come true.”   The  Book of Medit-action Vol1; sources Giodano Bruno, the Seal of Seals and Paola Scarpi, The secret revelation of the Hermes Trismegistus.

How do I change my resonance and attract more of what is positive and optimistic into my life?

By writing your Creation Exercises regularly.

By paying attention to the wisdom that arises in your phrasings in your Craving and Observing Creation Exercises.

By noting what are you present to…opened up to.

By paying attention to what you crave, create, sustain and maintain, and embody.

Those phrases come from within your own Flesh and Spirt, the matter and energies which are YOU.  No one else.  You are Creation’s hand upon the earth seeking a return of the original design of this planet and its Beings.  Be that and you will change your resonance and experience life as you craved it to be.

You build an awareness of Self beyond your historic personality and habits and beliefs.  You become the unity of Spirit and Flesh, Matter and Energy, Biochemical and Alchemical.

You move in the spiral of the Fibonacci spiral experiencing larger and larger fields of knowing.  You hold those fields in their higher vibrations of a life-sustaining reality that calls in the etheric forms that once existed in paradise on earth.

Love yourself as YOU.  BE that YOU everyday day as much as you can as you are in this reality and not ‘of’ this reality.

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