That’s How the Light Gets In by Liz Geyer

Lantern that

Ignites the spark of

Greatness in All Light-

Hearted beings,

Trajectory, radiating out to shine eternally

Our world in these times is riddled with gaps of consciousness, vs. unconsciousness.  Thank goodness for the gaps, as they are spaces for the new light that is now dawning, to poke its laser-like clarity into!  I have just had an experience of feeling this newly created spark of light.

I don’t know about you, but the last week has been the most intense week to date, I have observed.  The universe from this being’s standpoint looks like a war zone, with lots of holes, or gaps, like Swiss cheese in between solid masses of humanity, land, sea, air, and cosmos.  I have been in the stillness of these gaps, or holes, feeling the deep seeded anger of humanity, yet knowing I needed to feel it to this depth so that I could feel what needed to be mitigated.  Knowing we are both human and immortal, at times, I am confused in the between places.  Does this ring true for any of you as of late? We are all in these massive recursions of dark, deep, heavy, rocky masses.  Or…some of us have come to the other side of this recursion and are feeling lighter.

One thing I know for certain in the last week, is that I have been balking about writing the templates.  I have been stomping energetically, being a two-year old, saying, “You can’t make me!”  Well…sometimes we need to regress back to these states of being.  The stomping helps relieve tremendous amounts of pressure.  I can really relate to a two year-old right now, and have great empathy for this stage of human development.  I think if more of us were able to let off steam by pounding on Gaia’s surface with our feet, both She and our beings would be all the better for it, says the immortal aspect of my being!  Do any of you feel like this right now?  I’ll bet you do!

Here’s the thing ; I couldn’t have admitted that I was stomping an hour ago.  But then I wrote a Craving What template.  As a result, I could then easily see through my looking glass, acknowledge the two year-old self, and then gain brand new perspectives, which I just labeled, “Introperceptions”, meaning new perceptions felt inside at deeper levels.  From these deeper introperceptions came a brand new kind of light; one that has the strength and velocity of diamonds, that burned through the anger that was embedded in calcified spaces.  Sounds quite esoteric, yes?  Creation has such wonderful ways of communicating to each of us in our own, comprehensible language that comes when we work through the templates to communicate.

Because of the world we live in as humans in this lifetime, we forget to communicate with Creation, and want to stomp, or just bury ourselves in whatever hooks us.  So…how to balance what is drawing us into these whirlpools of chaos, and deconstruction? Yes…you guessed it.  The Creation Exercises.  All this past week, Creation kept telling me, write an exercise.  That’s all Creation communicated to me.  I didn’t want to listen.  I wanted to stomp and pout.  Well, here is this being saying I am happy that I gave my being the time to fully be in this universal ‘snit’, just so that I could come to this place on this day in time and space, to observe and witness the creation of a new light substance.  Right now, there is only ‘that’ in my looking glass.  There is only the fascination of my now five year old being, coming up to the glass to be attracted to this amazing new substance that has no name yet…a laser-light-diamond-‘thing’, not thing, really more like light, but more than light.

I can only say that it is such a relief to be drawn to view something new and be excited again about living in this moment.  Will this curiosity for this new substance remain?  Or will a window close again, and my being will be in the dark again?  I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is, this being got off the chaotic merry-go-round and isn’t  spinning right now, but is looking into a brand new lens of SOMETHING NEW!

What is that saying… the greatness of Cohen, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”  This time, the light is made of something new.  Out of the stomp of babes came the brilliance of light.  Thank goodness for the cracks…they mean so much! Stomp…write a template…stomp…write a template…that’s how the light gets in!