Language develops the Structure of Our Minds

In our infancy, our mind begins the collection of information about our world, including sounds and their meaning.  The physicality of our brain structure determines the order of sounds that we speak – bbb babbling come first; then d sounds – dada, and then the m sound – mama.  Our mothers so want us to say ‘mama’ but our development of our speech does not recognize her primacy in our lives.

Then as we grow, it is the language of our families, religions, societies that weave the meaning of these new sound combinations into our brains and our minds.  We begin to comprehend these sounds and sound combinations as words and language.  These words and their meanings are connected in our brains thru neural networks that get strengthened by repetition and thus become our truth about our world.

As we age, we assume that the definitions of these words from our family, our culture are THE TRUTH about what is.  These truths form our reality and we assume that it is THE reality. In actuality, everyone learns a reality that is unique to their group and speaks from that reality.  We are more comfortable with those who speak from the same reality that we speak from.  There is less ‘miscommunication’ because we have the same definitions of words and concepts.

When we speak from our reality with someone from another reality, there is miscommunication, i.e. the expression from different realities as different points of view that we must try and bridge.  We believe that we can bridge these languagings of different realities thru discussion, compromise, consensus.  In those processes, judgment probably arises first – judgments of right/wrong, good/bad, truth/untruth about the other.  These discussions aim for each party to comprehend the reality of the other with the hopes of coming to some level of compromise – a group redefinition of terms or perspectives.

We use these methods to connect with the others.  We want to be in connection with the other.  We seek a common resonance in our conversations.  This is difficult because English is a language based on conveying information, not on building connection.  English is a language developed to navigate a survival-based world.

So, what is it that we are missing?  What could bring us into connection with others more easily?  Without a language that is based in connection to So Above So Below field, we do not have a large enough field to have a common comprehension of the meaning of different words.  The field is just too small to contain what humans need to connect with each other.  Ancient languages like Aramaic held this connection to Creation/God/Spirit.  It allowed for common comprehensions of words and phrases that built a connection with others and with the larger field of which we are a part.

The story of the Tower of Babel is probably not just a made-up myth.  At one time humans spoke in a language that held this connection to Creation.  Then something happened and we created these languages that came from separation and survival. Maybe what caused this diffusion to languages of separation occurred because of some huge natural disasters that separated people from their societies, their livelihood and all that was familiar.  Maybe that trauma brought about the subsequent development of languages based in a reality of separation. It really does not matter the why of this development. It matters that we acknowledge the limitation of our present languages and start to seek new ways to expand the resonance of our languages.

The structure of the Creation Exercises is an example of restoring us to a connection to Creation.  In the Creation Exercises, we use syntax rules such as a period at the end of each sentence to contain its meaning.  We use three different sentences to build a spiral, an inclusionary action that takes us to the next recursion of connection.  When you write your Creation Exercises you are rewiring the neural networks of your brain to include the life-enhancing phrases that you used.

In Template 3, you create new definitions of words and concepts that you use in your conversations.  Afterwards, when you speak those redefined words, they hold a large field of meaning for yourself.  Interestingly, that larger field of meaning is held in your speaking and is conveyed to those to whom you are speaking.  Their minds ‘get’ the expanded meaning of the word.

Imagine if more and more people wrote the Creation Exercises.  They would build larger and larger fields of comprehension and connection for themselves, with others and with the larger field of So Above So Below.  Holding those fields, they are in a resonance that others may not literally know and will comprehend as the others mirror these larger fields as they are in conversation with the writers of the Creation Exercise.

My sense is that larger comprehension of the meanings of words and concepts will stay with the listener.  Their field of meaning for a word or concept will expand.  As more and more people have these expanded field conversations, my sense is that the level of miscommunications will decrease. More and more individuals will be holding the larger field of Creation in their field.  We will all therefore have a larger playground to play in!

Discover the power of the Creation Exercises.

Come home to your larger Self.

Come home to your connection to Creation/God/Goddess/Spirit.

Come home to whom you came here to be.

Write your Creation Exercises.

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