Stepping Out of Your NOW and into Your Future by Elektra Porzel

What happens in your body when you read the title of this article?

Stomach clenching?

Bile rising in your throat?

Excitement rising?

Eyes brightening with anticipation?

For many of us, the thought that we could design our life is a bit scary.

How could we possibly know what the right choices are?

After all, our entire lives others have told us what we should do, must do to survive and thrive in this lifetime.  We have listened to them.  We also have followed patterns of behavior that at one time felt ‘right’ for us,

Sometimes we followed the advice of the others.  Sometimes we did walk our own path but then found that that path no longer fit what we wanted out of life.  Seem familiar?  

With those thoughts in mind, the team at the Institute started to be interested in how people learn and how their needs in learning now might be different than the traditional ways that we were taught in school as youngsters.

So we started a search for new ways of learning.  New ways to support people in learning how to use the Templates.  We wanted to figure out not a teaching method, but a learning method, that would support people in using the the Templates of the Language of Creation as a tool for becoming all that they craved to be.

We looked at the idea of flipped curriculum where the reading and viewing of information is done by the student in their own paced learning.  We thought about how movement of the body helps us to be present to our sentience more easily,

Then we settled on a title for a new program that combined both of the above, flipped curriculum and a focus on sentience.  It’s name…Designing Your Life.  I discovered that I couldn’t talk about shifting how others learn to design their lives differently without the same questioning going on in my system.  I began to be aware that something was shifting in how I experienced my own life.  In my life, I couldn’t help become more aware that something was missing for me.  

You might be asking, why would I share this? Aren’t I supposed to touting how wonderful my life is because I use the Templates?

I suppose that you are correct.  If I was writing a standard marketing piece, I would only talk about how fabulous my life is…all due to writing the Templates.

Yeah, I could have done that.  Instead I chose to be honest with you.

Just like me, you may have been unconscious to the fact that how you live your life is not how you would like to live your life.  There is not the levels of joy, or excitement or peace that you would love to have.

I have started on my own journey to shift my patterns of living by paying attention to my sentient awareness.  I hope that you do too!   So that we all can live our lives as the unique and essential gifts that we are to this planet and to humanity,

Let your body and mind talk to you.

Let your body and mind niggle at you as you contemplate the idea of having more of the life that you crave.

Let the yearning in,

Let the wondering in,

Then take the next step…and

register to join me in Designing Your Life.

I am joined by three others who are deep in creating this program and designing their own lives.  Liz Geyer, Lori Candon, and Victoria McMahon brings years of movement practices, creativity practices and of writing their Creation Exercises from the Templates.  We are all ready to walk by your side as you discover your next recursion into your unique and essential nature.

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