Who are We in the Matter?

A question that I have been asking my whole life has been ‘Why am I here?’  ‘What is my purpose on this planet?’  Liz Geyer reminded me of this question in her latest FB post on our LOC Institute Facebook page.  One of her answers is to come to life as a beginner.  We never truly know how our unique and essential Self will show up and how it fits into the unfolding of the reality of unity now coming into this planet.

In my teens, I asked the question in angst…what is the purpose of this life?  In my 30’s, I asked it as a seeking to find out my placement in the more of what seemed to be in the etheric fabric of this world…not yet visible but tangible none the less.  I studied with Brook Medicine Eagle to learn her knowings of native American cosmology and our western world.  She always said she was a bridge between the two.  And she was for me.  I worked under Tom Crum in his work with the art of Aikido and conflict management.  This work based on ‘render the attack harmless while doing no harm to the attacker’ grounded me in that philosophy and how the dynamic of aikido worked in life’s and business’s conflicts.  I studied Healing Tao Chi Kung and used their basic meditations to connect to the energies of the heavens and the earth.  Thirty years later I still use a variety of what I learned there to bring my body and its organs back in balance.  I was part of the Unitarian Universalist Church for over 20 years and the ministers in my home church in Burke VA gave me an appreciation of the breadth and depth of the spiritual search of humanity over the centuries.  The familial context of that congregation held me and my children as they and I grew over time into more of whom we came here to be.

I worked in those years as the Director of a day care center; as a training manager in an early childhood association and then in the training offices of several associations and then in a hospital system.  I learned about service to others, about supporting others in their search to be of service and about good intentions not always resulting in good actions.  By my 60s I was deep into being a healer supporting others in their healing whether that be through massage, cranial sacral therapy, sounding, or the use of Chi Nei Tsang.  Still I was searching for something that I did not have access to.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, AND I knew that ‘something’ was missing.

I became aware of Tantra Maat in my mid-60s first through her book, An Irish Tale of  a Modern Mystic, and then thru her monthly calls.  My inner guidance said that this woman had access to something that I wanted access to.  For the last ten years, I have been a student, a practitioner, and a team member in her field,  In 2016 I took on the expansion of my field by holding the Language of Consciousness Institute in my field.  With the assistance of Tantra and our first team of 4 teachers, we created a new teaching program for helping others learn how to write four of the 9 Templates of the Language of Creation.  That program taught participants not just how to write those Templates but more so the larger fields within which those Templates resided.

Now in 2022 I still hold the LOC Institute in my field and am working with a new team to design a Learning Program that will guide new participants through not just a learning how to write all 9 Templates but more so to learn to listen within to their body’s and their Spirit’s communication with them  So, like Liz, I have come back to the question of my teen years, of my 30s and with a whole new comprehension of all that those questions can lead me to.

I now have a deep knowing of my connections to Creation, to my larger Spirit, and to those powers and forces in the Universe who have my back.  I no longer have to have a definitive plan to follow…instead I listen, I perceive, I give guidance to my etheric support team through the writing of my Creation Exercises and I take the  next step.  The next step feels solid and grounded.  The ultimate end of this path is still an unknown to me.  And that ‘unknown’ state feels so right.  So much is happening on this planet at this time.  Those forces which want us to be separated from each other and from nature are in their desperation to keep humanity under their control.  They are losing control as people like me, like Liz, like Tantra and the men and women in the Field of Tantra Maat open up to all that is occurring that is life-enhancing and life-generating on this earth.  There are others who are paying attention to these etheric patterns that coming back into this earth and it is this internal listening that is guiding us all into the next step, the next recursion of our return to humanity’s original design.

Do I now know why I am here?  Yes in part…to enjoy this planet…to love my family and my friends…to care for this planet and other beings that inhabit it…to engage in life…and to listen internally and take the next step.  What my next steps are is an unknown to me and that seems right.  All the doing of my life occurs in next steps and not in a task orientated checklist which I was taught as how to approach life.

In my joyful excitement about all that is about to come into this planet that is our original birthright, I invite you to join me and my friends in the writing of the Templates of the Language of Creation.  Listen to our discussions on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.  The newer version of our website is under construction as is our new Learning Program which will be offered for the first time in October 2022.  Nonetheless, visit our website, dip your toes into our field, purchase the Guidebooks that teach the writing of each Template, come and talk with me for 30 minutes and join us on the 3rd Sunday of each month to be in a group discussion with others who write their Creation Exercises.  BE with us.  Open up to all that is shifting on this planet and within you.  Choose what is life-enhancing and life-generating.  Open up to listening within to your sentient awareness, your sentient intelligence and begin a relationship with your Body and Spirit that will have your back for the rest of your life.  Enjoy being a human being on planet earth.  Enjoy being in nature and one with nature.  Enjoy and be in gratitude.

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