Being in Regeneration of Self and Body by Elektra Porzel

What is Generation?

 – relating to or capable of production or reproduction.

“the female reproductive system and its generative cycles”

– having the power or function of generating, originating, producing, or reproducing.

What is it to regenerate our Self…our Original Design?

In the LOC Institute, when we use the upper-case ‘S’ in the word Self, we are referring an inclusionary field that holds both the historic personality ‘self’ and our larger Spirit embodied. We also call this field, our MetaSelf. As our MetaSelf, the dominant vibration is that of the individual’s Spirit.  This vibration in the embodiment is moving the human back into its original design of its body and its Spirit. The Original Design of humanity includes our body in an expanded strength, stamina, and capacity to BE whom we came here to be. In this process of becoming our MetaSelf, we stand in this higher frequency of our Spirit embodied, and our cells vibrate such that the sludge of the reality of separation moves out of our cells, our tissues, our organs, our bones. This cellular cleansing even occurs down to our cell’s electrons and quarks. In this cleansing and the cellular return to its original design, the body can return to the original functions of its design. And our Spirit can inhabit our body so that we live what we came here to Be, Do and Have.

Regeneration definitions

Regeneration is a common function in the biological world:  ‘the natural process of replacing or restoring damaged or missing cells, tissues, organs and even entire body parts to the full function in plants and animals.’

Since it is accepted fact that the body knows about regeneration of its biological components, we can assume that this biological regeneration process that is stimulated by the higher frequencies of our Spirit, our MetaSelf, is initiated to make all cells, from the quark on up to organs, brains, and bones, capable of operating effectively within the higher frequencies of our original design.

From the theological view, there is this definition from 2 Corinthians 5:17; 1 Peter 1:23 that describes this regeneration of our Spirit embodied. (I have modified its language) “the impartation of divine life which is manifested in that radical change in the moral character of the human into love of God/Goddess/Creation/Great Spirit and a life of righteousness/godliness/principled/reverence”

Thus, our Spirit regeneration has been experienced before in our human history. Our Spirit and are bodies can return to their original design.

How do we experience this regeneration of our original design and our MetaSelf?

First you must be curious, paying attention to how you are being in the world.  You may use any number of modalities to regularly listen to your body, your emotions, and your languaging so that you can shift out of historic reactions to make choice in how you act with others. This listening and paying attention will shift your viewpoint to that of the Observer. Thus, you can change your actions and your responses and the results that you experience in the world. You become able to behave differently in the world. Your changed behaviors change the results you achieve in relationships to yourself, to others and to your Source.

In the Language of Consciousness Institute, we utilize the Templates of the Language of Creation to become familiar with our biological registers for resonance, for life-enhancing and life-generating language. We become the Observer and the Craver. We write our Cravings into direct communication with our Spirit and with Creation. The regular writing of our Creation Exercises sets us into a continuous realignment with our Spirit’s purpose for our life in this lifetime. We share with others our ahas, our challenges and our joys from working with the Templates. We are connected and interconnected in a matrix of connection with all life on earth and with the greater forces of the universe visible and invisible. Eventually some individuals have become fully aligned with their Spirit and with Creation. It is in this alignment that we experience the resonance of our Spirit embodied.

The reality that we crave has many complexities for each of us and is always vibrating within a reality of unity. That reality of unity is a field of higher dimensions that holds all that exists visible and invisible. As we inhabit this embodiment of our Spirit, the regeneration of our bodies begins. In talking with individuals who have experienced the higher resonance of their MetaSelf, they described the experience as: a higher vibration of the body and the field around it; of a sense of ‘this is right’, ‘I am held’ and the sense that these larger forces ‘have my back.’  A calmness and surety are also present.   They also experienced physical symptoms of fatigue, sleepiness, symptoms of dis-ease such as coughing, colds, headaches etc. as the cells of their body are cleansed. The cleansing of the physical body can take many variations and will occur for each of us if we want to stand in our original design. In the resultant state, we are more capable of being whom we came here to be, what we came to do and what we would come to have.

How to be with another in the field of a Generative Force like Creation?

We cannot do this alone. You must be part of a larger field in order to become your MetaSelf. Energetically it takes a generative matrix to hold you while you do your individual work. Yes, you will be observing your own actions, reactions. You will be choosing different behaviors as you become more aware of whom you deeply want to be in the world. Yes, you will be writing your own Creation Exercises. To be with others in the field can be accomplished by joining and being active in a larger field of individuals that are active in the same kind of search. The Language of Consciousness Institute’s community and the Field of Tantra Maat are two such groups that would support you as you engage in becoming whom you came here to be.


We are moving beyond old norms and behaviors as we seek to BE whom we came here to be. This is true for individuals and organizations. Below is our take on the culture that we hope to create thru the Language of Consciousness Institute.

The LOC Institute and its community form a generative foundation which provides a field within which the intrinsic power of humans in alignment with the Creation and their larger Spirit work together to generate, originate, produce, and develop a culture based in a reality of unity where diversity and complexity are both necessary and intrinsic to the continuous evolution of the culture and its people; where the unique and essential capabilities and capacities of each human are respected and supported in all functions within that resulting culture; where the people exist in community each in alignment with their own resonant nature and with the larger field within which they exist.  That culture consists of customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements which embody a generative consistency in how its people act, think, evolve and work together.  A generative matrix is thus formed that holds the weavings of the complex and diverse forms that arise in this generative culture.

Your thoughts?

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