Coming Home by Elektra Porzel

What is home to you?

For some of us, the word ‘home’ carries the societal ideal of a two-parent family and a wanting to return to this early safe place, or an imaginary home fulfilling all that we think home should be.  For others, the word ‘home’ may hold trauma, fear even anger and needing to get away. Your home could have been safe, or it could have been a dangerous place for a child to navigate.

Let’s look at what you hold for ‘home’ to be.  What comes up in your mind or your emotions when you think/say the word ‘home’?

Is ‘home’ a physical place?  Or is it a way that you feel about the idea of home? Or does the feeling of home arise when you are in a different place?  When I think of home, I think of my childhood homes (Los Alamos NM, Chicago IL, Falls Church VA, we moved for Dad’s jobs).  I also think of the homes where I raised my children in Virginia.  Along with the physical location of our homes, we have sentient registers for what ‘feels like’ home, even if you have never been to a location before.  Maybe it’s even in another city or country.  In my travels, I experienced places in Peru that felt like home, like I lived there before.  I have had friends who mentioned this phenomenon when visiting cities in Europe.  Have you experienced other places that ‘feel’ like home?

So, what does ‘home’ or ‘being home’ mean to you? What arises in your memory, your emotions, your imagination?

What do you crave the word/concept ‘home’ to mean for you?

The easiest way to get to the description of what you want ‘home’ to be (not the negative that you may have experienced and probably an expansion of the positive that you have experienced) is to write your Creation Exercises using Template 3 and 4.  Template 3 ‘Craving what home is for me is’ or Template 4  ‘Craving what being home is for me is being’ are phrases that you could use.  Remember you write only life-enhancing or life-generating phrases, so any of those negative or life-defeating thoughts aren’t a part of your Creation Exercises and therefore not part of what ‘home’ will be for you in the future.  In writing your Creation Exercises using Template 3 or 4, you are defining the word home differently so that any time in the future when you hear or think the word home, these life-enhancing phrases dominant in your glial neural networks.  These new phrases are then part of what appears in your mind and your emotions when you hear the word ‘home’ and thus support you in choosing a response that is resonant for you.

For individuals looking for their next best earth-based home, writing these Creation Exercises will help you choose not just how that home will feel for you but also where the next location for your home is for you. So, you might write, ‘Craving what my next best location for my home is for me is’ or ‘Craving what my next best home is for me is’.    For individuals who want to describe their Spirit’s home of origin in the Universe, these Creation Exercise will support you in connecting to that dimensional home. You might write ‘Craving what my Spirit’s home of origin is for me is’.

What does the phrase ‘coming home’ mean to you?

When I was in my late 20s that phrase ‘coming home’ generated in both my mother and myself, a reversal back to our roles when I left home to marry.  I found it both confusing, and discomforting as I was an adult in my own life and somewhat comforting that my mother would slip so easily back into old patterns of how she showed her love for me.  To help you define how you want to feel when ‘coming home’, I suggest that you write a Creation Exercise using Template 3, ‘Craving what coming home is for me is’.  We create our reality based our beliefs and our languaging of those beliefs.  Templates 3 & 4 are perfect for defining what we want ‘coming home’ to be for us.   Even now in my senior years, the words ‘coming home’ begin to define the transition time for me, what do I want that transition to be like and what do I expect after death.

Your Creation Exercises help support you in living the life that you crave.  Templates 3 & 4 are pivotal in your process of reclaiming words from your language so that they support you in making choices resonant with your cravings for the present and for the future.  All those life-enhancing life-generating phrases that you write are simultaneously added to your glial neural networks.  What occurs for us is truly magical.  If the word ‘home’ had negative connotations for you, then after you have written a full Template 3 Creation Exercise on ‘Craving what home is for me is’, the word ‘home’ now has 12 new life-generating phrases linked to it.  Your brain now has more glial cells embedded with those phrases to choose from, phrases that describe the best home that you can imagine for your Self.

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