Design Your Life Through the Templates of the Language of Consciousness

We all have dreams of how we want to be in our life; of what we want to do, and of what we want to have in our lives.  For all of our lives, we have been given a lot of advice from family, friends, our community and social media about how we ‘should’ be in the world, what we should do and what we should have.  This ‘advice’ often doesn’t really align with our inner sense of whom we came here to be or to do.

We end up frustrated that we aren’t doing or being as we think we should.  Or we feel we aren’t being the person that we feel inside.  This happens when we first leave high school or college and must choose a career.  It happens later in our 30s or 40s when we ask ‘is this all there is?’

What intelligence are you listening to that tells you that your life is not working as it ‘should”?  Admittedly it could be your historic mind repeating all the ‘shoulds’ that you heard as you grew up.  That intelligence could also be your own inner voice that tells you that the work that you are doing just isn’t what you really want to be doing.  Or you find that you are searching for an inner spiritual journey that isn’t present in your life.  That intelligence is what we call our sentient intelligence.  It is your body and spirit speaking through some kind of physical or emotional sensation or experience.  Such as butterflies in your stomach, energies running through you, a gut sense that something is wrong or a gut sense that this ‘thing’ is mine to do, and much more.

When I was in my 30’s I got that gut sense that there was more to life and for me.  It directed my attention to spiritual paths…meditation, chi kung, Native American spirituality and more.  Each of these searches ended up giving me a piece of the puzzle of what I was searching for, but nothing was fully ‘it’.

In my 60’s I discovered Tantra Maat and the Templates of the Language of Creation.  I realized that she had access to something that I didn’t have access to.  When I learned to write the Templates, I discovered a clear path to accessing my deepest wisdom and manifesting the life that I craved.

The Templates of the Language of Creation consist of 9 Templates that lead us through 7 levels of consciousness.  Each Template is constructed to help us access our deepest wisdom and thus clearly access our connection to our Spirit and to our Source, Creation, God, Goddess. Their structure requires that we write what is life-enhancing, life-generating for us and thus we end up describing our craved future in a specificity that we wouldn’t have otherwise. They expand our glial-neural networks in our brains which gives us more opportunities to choose our responses to life. We give ourselves choice about how we be with ourselves and others, what we do in our life and ultimately what we have.

A critical piece of life is to be able to become the Observer.  It is in the role of the Observer that we shift our perspective about a situation, we discover new possibilities and thus can act differently creating new outcomes in our life.  The Observing and Observing Templates give us this new perspective.  Used with a Craving exercise, they act as a GPS for us as we claim both our craved future and our present circumstances. Our Creation Exercise support us in creating lives that are life-enhancing and life-generating.

The Advocates of the Language of Consciousness Institute have been looking at how to best support others in learning to write and use the Templates in their lives.  We realized that this Sentient Intelligence was the key to each person recognizing their own unique communication with their Spirt and their body.  It is thru paying attention to your Sentient Intelligence that you come to a deep understanding of how your Body and Spirit are on your side, helping you claim what is your unique and essential gifts to the world.

The Advocates have created a new learning program called Designing Your Life: Artfully Engaging your Sentience through the Templates of the Language of Consciousness.  This 7 session program runs from Oct 25th thru Jan 17th.  There is self-guided learning between session offering participants access to traditional learning materials such as articles and videos.  This program starts with exploring the Observing and Observing Templates and our sentient awareness.  In sessions 3-7. it goes on to explore the first 4 Craving Templates: Craving, Craving being, Craving What and Craving What being.  In each session, participants will explore movement, sentient awareness, discovery, discussion, and the power of working together in a field.  It promises to be a powerful personal Journey for everyone.

Registration opens on Sept 23rd.  Go to the Events page on the Language of Consciousness Website  to read more about this program and to take advantage of the special discount rate of only $377.