Craving, Creating, and Sustaining Through Resilience and Values

by Liz Geyer

Facing the blank page was a challenge today.  Have you ever had to face blank pages in your life, only to have them appear so huge you couldn’t see through the glare of all that streamed towards you? Yes…the blank page is a metaphor for life in general.   I have been pondering this, and looked to my friends on Facebook for inspiration. Immediately, I saw a friend who recently lost her home in the California fires post an article about tiny homes.  This friend is amazingly resilient.  I see her creating anew each day, even though she lost so much…her pets and her home.  Yet here she is, craving and creating.  This woman and her husband will be sustaining something new soon…why? Because they are resilient, because their lives are all about love…love in its purity, and because they value living and creating for the simple act of the joy of creating so that others may experience the beauty of life through their eyes. 

After I saw this entry about my friend’s brilliance with resilience, I pondered, well what has her being so able where others are not?  Immediately I went to think about our values.  The Architects are working with values and principles in our lab work, and so I have been playing with these words and created my usual language curiosity tool – an acrostic for values, and came up with the following:

Valuable viewpoints

Access to aesthetics

Listening with L.O.V.E.

Unique understanding

Ethos and evolution

Spiritual sense of honor and grace

Writing acrostic poems gives me a deeper comprehension of observations about what the word means for me.  Well…hmmm…reading this acrostic reminds me once again of my friend.  She values each of these aspects of the word ‘values’. This is a code that gives her access to the wonder of life.  Wow!  A code…that is something for us all to ponder in these times when we may not be able to see through the fog that grips us in moments where it seems as though no matter where we turn there is nothing but that which goes against life.  Aren’t values like a lantern that lights our way to assist us to see the stepping stone in front of us? 

For the past few weeks, I have observed such resilience in others, and have written Creation Exercises on behalf of others, such that they may multiply the tools in their tool belts,and the batteries in their lanterns (ha-modern day version of a flame!)  One such tool is to observe the resilience in others, such that we gain this strength, stamina, and capacity in us as well. I am so very grateful to two friends on Facebook this morning for assisting me to be present to how much of value resilience is for me.  I know that if my friends can create such beauty in these dark moments, then so can I.  If they can use their lantern to shed light on just that next step in front of them, then I can open up into creating new pathways as well.  There is such richness in opening up into seeing how the pathways open up before us as we use these simple tools.

Resilience and values…what lights your own way?  You all light MY way!