What is Scaling? By Liz Geyer

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On a beautiful fall day, in the middle of a small town, full of festival goers, I had my first real experience of scaling.  My heart raced, agitation and irritation were upon me. My solar plexus was on fire with a feeling like dread.  All of a sudden, everything around me became brighter, louder, and my sense of smell heightened.  All of my senses were so attuned to everything in a minute’s time.  I knew I could no longer stay at this sweet fall festival.  I had no idea what was happening to me.  I had no idea that I was experiencing an ‘up leveling’.  My body instinctively knew (my mind did not), that I needed to ground myself.  I found a park with a stream nearby and laid next to the stream for three hours!  Energy stabilized in the body, and the agitation slowly dissipated.  This first experience of scaling was the longest, and most profound event.  Since then, there have been several events like this, with differing experiences, varying from extreme agitation to irritation that did not dissipate for hours at a time, to feeling very emotional.  Once I knew I was in another recursion (event) of scaling, just being aware helped calm the systems.  

What IS scaling then?  To  assist myself, I wrote an acrostic poem above.  Experience has shown (only my own…yours might be quite different), that scaling happens when we are moving from one energetic place to another.  Sometimes scaling happens slowly over time…perhaps days, or slowly over hours. Sometimes it can come on quickly.  I recall being in a body of work with Tantra Maat a couple of years ago.  We were beginning something new, and suddenly, I felt a huge rush of energy happen in my solar plexus.  I wasn’t certain how to handle it.  I realized I was scaling, and this was another register…the rush in my solar plexus.  I was also a bit lightheaded.  I recall Tantra having me breathe fully and slowly.  I also recall feeling as though there was not enough room in my abdomen for the amount of air coursing through it.  I imagined a huge balloon, expanding out with each breath.  Soon, I was able to feel a balance occur in the body, and my head felt better aligned, the dizziness dissipating.


Scaling is a fascinating experience.  There are many situations that might have us scale.  One might be a shift in the energy on the planet.  Another can occur when we are in an event with many, many people, and the feeling of unity brings a huge rush of energy into the systems.  Yet another might happen as we write the Creation Exercises; particularly the last three-5,6 &7.  As we delve more deeply into our explorations of Self and the world around us, we can experience scaling in our writing.  I remember a few times when I was writing these exercises and there was such a huge rush as I read the finished exercise to myself!


Does any of this resonate with you?  Have you experienced similar events, and perhaps thought it was just ‘you’, doing whatever, and thinking this was you?  I know I have experienced scaling this way!


I am on a quest to be with scaling as I unpack the deeper nature of mySelf this year.  I am not a beginner with experience scaling, yet I am a beginner with articulating it, and describing my experiences with scaling will continue to give me new perspectives, which will assist me in sharing clarity with others and myself.

How about you?  Being with our experiences with scaling and having the markers to assist ourselves and others would be a great option to consider!  In the meantime, our LOC Institute team is available, should you need assistance!  We can be in the beautiful muddle of scaling together!