The Art of Unpacking the Templates by Liz Geyer

Welcome to 2023!  Happy New Years to you! 

It is a new year, and is a time to be with ourselves to create something new to move into.  I am sitting with two brilliant questions Elektra proposed:

           “How do I come to know mySelf more?

                                 How do I become more of who I came here to be? 

Have you been pondering such questions?

What response does your body have when reading and hearing the word ‘unpacking?

I have asked mySelf these questions before. This year, I want to try something different by diving more deeply into this inquiry by unpacking a template three, specifically around ‘spiritual maturity.’

Step 1:

I crave to sit with ‘unpacking’.  In the past, I have had  some less than great experiences with the ‘unpacking’ idea in the school system.  I want to move beyond those experiences of ‘unpacking’, thus, I went to the dictionary!

According to, unpacking is: “To remove things from a box, suitcase or other container. “

Unpacking has also come to mean, “To analyze something, to take apart an idea and examine each detail. This involves a sort of deconstruction.”

I found out this last meaning came into play in the late 1980’s.  Now it is seen as a buzzword in some circles.  So correct!

The mind now wants to move into writing a Template 3:  “Craving what unpacking is for me is.” This way, I can be an observer to see differently.

Before moving into writing this Template, I want to explore the definition a bit further.

Another source, ‘CITE’ gives a definition that intrigues me: “To unburden, as the mind; reveal.”

This definition is the one I wish to explore further!  Focusing my observing lens, I want to explore unpacking the Templates to open ever-deepening layers of the Self to become a more perceptive observer of the many aspects of ourSelves.  I crave to reveal more hidden gems of who I AM in addition to (goddess, treasure,  crone, magician, gnome, grumpy, almost 101 year-old feisty grandma, sha-woman).

Who else might be here within mySelf to bring into the light?

Whom else might there be to reveal within YourSelf?

Step two: 

After  exploring a definition, if  a word pops out for me, writing an acrostic poem sometimes gives me a deeper sense of the intrigue of the word.  In this instance, I was intrigued with the word ‘REVEAL’.  I was able to train my camera lens more deeply here:

Revealing regenerative relevance

Enlightened exceptional epiphanies

Validate vast vibrancies

Eagerly explore ‘earnestnesses’ empathies

Activate adventurous, authentic access

Lighthearted, loyally learning loving leadership


What a wealth of in-formation occurred in the language here.

Is there any language that stirs something in you?

For me, I am feeling the beauty of ‘enlightened exceptional epiphanies’.  If we are unpacking something, finding ever deeper and more colorful layers of who We are, the word ‘epiphany’ lights up like a Christmas tree!  What is revealed in the activity is an art…epiphanies are certain to be unearthed!

 Step three…

Now to observe from a different perspective.  What if we began to see, hear, feel and sense that the Template writing practice is an art form?

I am sitting here pondering this.  Hmm, what…if?

Training my lens on a picture,

seeing the templates as brushing colors onto a canvas…

my solar plexus is lighting up with joy in seeing this picture!

My Experience

There is no clench of dread now!  Only excitement!  I can see a young child opening a box to reveal a bright light of magic, a bit like a Norman Rockwell painting.  I can see this in my mind’s eye.

What if unpacking with the templates looked like this? “ Such a sublime activity”, my wise Self says!

I do admit that sometimes writing the Templates becomes something I know I have to do, yet…

…with this new way of observing

…with this new excitement running through my systems,

I am now going to shift my observer to be with the “Art” of writing the templates and try this perspective on this year!  What a great way to begin the year through this beautiful art medium of unpacking.

How does one unpack the templates? 

I am so happy you asked!  I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me, and with the LOC Team!  We can be in this exploration together!

Join me and the LOC Team on Monday, January 16th at 8:00 AM PST, for a free conversation about the value of “The Art of Unpacking the Templates”.  The next week, we will begin a new six week series, where I will walk us all through ‘How’ to unpack the templates, using Template 3, specifically this Template: “Craving what spiritual maturity is for me”.

This year, I crave unpacking ‘spiritual maturity’.   I know I crave this, because the language won’t leave me alone.  I have been wanting to unpack templates and really spend a good amount of time in this activity ever since Victoria talked about taking a year to unpack a template!.  Now is the time!

I would love for you to join me and the LOC Institute Team in community to be with this activity together!  Here is the link to our events page.  Hope to see you there!