We Need to Open Up to More

How does humanity move from the old ideas of what is true…of the polarization of duality…of the aloneness of this reality of separation? We do it individually and collectively. Sometimes it is movies or books that open up our minds to the interconnections, the interrelationships and the interdependence of all life on earth. More often I feel it is the actions of individuals opening up to the more of what humanity’s capacities and capabilities actually are, what their individual capacities and capabilities are.

We each have experienced separation and isolation, often feeling like there is no one else to support us. That sense of isolation is not a personal failing but more so a failing of our systems of education, commerce, and religion.  In those systems, ideas/concepts/facts are taught in isolation.  We are not educated to connect these ideas, concepts, facts to a larger network of living of which they and we are a part.  Reductionism sprang from this same well, which simply focused us on taking everything, every connection down to what seems its simplest form.  In this process of reductionism all the complexities, relationships, context are eliminated, and the fact stands alone.  We study it as an always forever fact/concept/idea rather than studying it within the field of human living within which it arose and interacts.

We feel alone because we were educated to be alone, to be compliant, to listen and follow authority without having a larger sense of the why behind our office, our business, our associations, or our government.  A non-thinking public was the desired result.  Our non-thinking public that also feels so isolated and not supported is a deadly combination for our species.  They are desperate and they don’t examine or think about anything someone says or does.  It is a blind following.  People have been denied their ability to think, to compare, to observe critically.  Are we surprised that they act like sheep? Following was what they were trained to do.

Even our religions told us that we did not have direct access to the support of the divine.  We were told that we had to access their idea of God, not ours thru the priests, ministers of these religions.  When I was young I did not like the old man on the cloud who supposed to be a loving father.  All the stories that I was told were of a vindictive being, not a loving father.  I, like many others, left the religions of our families because the old cultural images of the divine no longer actually supported us.  Those old cultural images did not feed our spirits.  Many just walked away from any religious affiliation throwing out ‘the baby with the bath water’ when it came to seeking energetic support from dimensional forces. While others sought connection thru paganism, eastern religions or adapting the practices of indigenous peoples of their lands.

A different field of energy has been rising for the past 50 years.  Many different individuals have begun to question the why of our existence.  They knew that the reality that they were born into did not resemble the realities that they had known in some previous existence.  They felt like they didn’t fit in this western world, in this reality of separation. Some describe these energies as other dimensional energies; some call the experience as the field of unity rising.    They responded to these energies moving with deeper connections with nature, with the land, with the elementals.  They studied different religious and spiritual ideas and practices.  They sought to live differently in this reality.  They hoped for a shift in how humanity lived and acted.  They hoped and they despaired both for themselves and for humanity.

Lately their efforts are being responded to by the larger forces of the universe.  Personally, I thought that this human experiment had gone so wrong that this species would be eliminated.  Exactly the opposite seems to be taking place.  Energies from other dimensions, elements of the earth and nature are rising and communicating with humans who are opening up to these connections.  I believe that the reality of separation that we all have been born into, educated within, and strangled within its grasp is dying.  We, as humanity, are discovering the more of what humans can be, can do and can have here on earth. We are re-discovering our original design, of how we were meant to be in relationship with the earth and the cosmos.

My sensing is that there is so much etheric/dimensional/unseen support that we would be gobsmacked if we felt it all the time.  This larger sensing of how we are connected with each other and with the elements comes to us in smaller doses so that our isolated minds can begin to absorb some of the wholeness of this life on earth, some small sense of the interconnectedness, the interrelatedness of all life here.  I just finished a week’s experience of holding the space for others on a spiritual journey in Ireland. They were opening up into the sentience of our connections with stones and water. We who tethered with them felt some of what they felt, we dreamed part of the message received, we’ve experienced openings in our lives that we didn’t have before. How does that happen? The technical side I just don’t know, and I know my part of receiving was set to occur through my commitment to that group on that spiritual journey.

Each of us can open up to more of life beyond the 3D.  We can open up to being more than our historical personality.  We can feel connected to and can communicate with these other energies and forces that exist here.  For those of you who would like your mind to open up beyond its present thought structure, I recommend writing the Templates of the Language of Creation.  They bring your life-enhancing, life-generating phrases into your Cravings and draw you toward the life that you crave.  Start there and you will experience connections not only to your deeper wisdom but more so to Creation/God/Goddess/Allah/Great Spirit.  It is time for each of us to open up to the more of whom we can be and of what humanity can be.  That opening up to more will create the future that we crave for our children, our grandchildren and for generations rising.