The Rest of the Story by Victoria McMahon

Who doesn’t love a good story.  We read books that share the adventures of characters, real or based on ideas that form from the imagination of a writer.  We hear people tell stories over meals at the holidays or during travels when encounters occur often with complete strangers.  I love to travel and find myself in deep conversations with travel companions or complete strangers.  In the past few years, I began to observe how the circumstance of stories, especially when traveling, started being remarkable to me.  The conversations would begin naturally and easily with a comment of book one of us was reading or some similar pleasantry.  Within what seemed like a brief amount of time, we would be delving into deeper curiosities.  And then eventually, we would inquire from each other about our unique passion(s) in life.

For as long as I can recall, I have been passionate about being in observation of life….my Self in this life and how I am in relationship with others.  This guiding nature of ‘observing ‘and ‘observing being’ the who and what I am in the matter is my passion.  I make choices based on this organic way of being human and over time continue to develop the sentient intelligence that sustains the deepening into My Self.  So, when I discovered the Creation Templates, a new translation of this innate and organic process landed in my mental mind.  I found language and form for what has guided this life I am exploring.

The Creation Templates expanded the story of what I perceive My Self to be….connected me to the deeper, underlying template of who I am as a unique and essential design of Creation.  I am more than the connect the dot experiences of my linear life…how I got through life from point A to point B.  While this story is a part of who I am and supports my remembrance, I now know that these memories serve to open me up into the ‘more’ of me.  What is my early adulthood, I would have referred to as the “Paul Harvey – The Rest of the Story” idea.  The rest of the story awakens for me in each new observing, being fully present to what there is to be present to and opening up into what there is to open up into.  This is the delving in deeper with curiosity.  This is what the Creation Templates have opened me up into…what Tantra Maat lovingly calls the BWD (Broader, Wider, Deeper).

I frame the Creation Templates through my unique lens just like you do through your unique lens.  I happen to be naturally drawn to Movement (Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance) and am often called to explore and develop the deeper aspects of My Self when I use the Creation Templates in movement practices.  Typically, I begin with sensing my physical, mental, emotional, and soul systems to feel what is present, rising in the moment, and if some aspect is calling out to be in listening.  Different tensions can be present at the same time…so I may find I want to slow down, breath into the experience longer and be with my sentient intelligence of listening to discern what is the priority of my system seeking balance, symmetry, proportion, grace, or beauty.  Then, the choice arises…do I dare to follow what my system seeks and explore the BDW (Broader, Deeper, Wider) of the Being.  In saying yes, I engage and generate the opening up into possibilities beyond what I know myself to be.  And from this observing, I discover the Craving Template that my being called out for me to be in the listening.

Why do I share this story with you, you ask?  Well, I want to invite you into your own listening of your story beyond what you know or think you know yourself to be!  Develop your sentient intelligence through observing and deepen your registers that open you up into the discovery of your unique and essential design (who and what you came here to be as a human Being).  Play and get curious with the ways your naturally move through life….maybe you are like me and love movement or just maybe your explore through other artistic forms.  Some of use the Creation Templates with a scientific or analytical mind.  Whatever you are passionate about in life, use the Creation Templates to in-form you more deeply!  Explore and share the rest of your story with us at the LOC-Institute.  And, you might end up finding yourself sharing your passion for the Creation Templates with complete strangers on an airplane someday too!