Moving Outward in Your Fibonacci Spiral

Have you ever looked at the Fibonacci Spiral, and at its number sequence? There are small boxes in the middle and a spiral that starts at the very smallest boxes. Then the size of the boxes expand as the spiral expands. This spiral is also called the Golden Mean and is the basic structure of all life on earth.  The numbers go like this: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89… Each number is the result of adding the two numbers before it.  Each number therefore includes the number before it and as the spiral moves it includes the spaces before it as well.

To me, the smallest boxes seem like life in any culture. Our cultures, our religions, our families define what we should do, think, and be. This is what our brain has recorded as we grew. Another name for our mind at this point is our historic mind. That historic mind simply sends our thoughts along the neural pathways that have been already laid down. If we allow those neural pathways of the historic mind to guide us, then we can expect to do, be and have what our society/religion/family has told us to be, do and have. The truth is we do not have to allow our brain to operate only in the neural pathways laid down in childhood.

If you feel that you have other places to go, that you have other ways to be, that you have other things to do, then it is time to create new neural pathways in your brain and your body. You might think, well that is easier said than done. Those neural networks of your historic mind are ruts in your brain; these are your default thinking processes because they are automatic. You see it in your reactions, so quick, something just said or done before you can think differently. Response takes a pause, a choice. It is in response where you start to move beyond the borders of your historic personality, your historic mind, your previously accepted lifestyle, and viewpoints. You start to move from 1 to 2 to 3 to 5…to 89 and beyond.

It takes choice to move out of old patterns.  Choice to give up something – like watching tv for an hour – to do something new – like cook a new healthy recipe.  Renounce and act.  It is a formula that works. Renouncing one habit to make room for a new one!   I also use the Creation Exercises from the Language of Creation to start claiming more of what I want in my life.   The Creation Exercises put a stop to our automatic reactions as they put our capacity to create back in our own hands in our direct link with Creation.  In our Creation Exercises, we write what we crave for our life that is life-enhancing for us, life-generating for us.  We access our own deepest wisdom in our Craving Exercises, and we are in the present moment as the Observer in the Observing Exercises.   Interested in learning more about writing about your craved life?  Go to

While I have experienced what it is like to move on the spiral and include more, I anticipate the sense of expansiveness that could come with going further out on that Fibonacci Spiral.  What is possible for us as we claim more of whom we came here to be, to do and to have?   What would it be like to be an 89?  That individual would have moved beyond his/her historic personality and life viewpoints.  They would be in a vertical connection with Creation/their God/Goddess.  They would look like everyone else, no perfection here physically.  They would still function in our present-day reality but not be of it, not in reaction to it.  They would still do the dishes and take out the garbage.  They would stand in their own truth.  They would embody their Sovereign Being, that Soul who chose to incarnate on earth.  A person who lives in the spiral at 89 includes everything in the early parts of their spiral.  They include all of their experiences the 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 up to 89.  The difference is that the space that these historic experiences take up are miniscule compared to the vast field of the 89.  Those historic thoughts, experiences of the early part of the spiral of our life, have no power to direct our 89’s actions or thoughts.

What would it be like?  Well, that is different for everyone.  Honestly, yes, my reality and my sense of the space of my Spirit, my landscape will be different than yours.  My sense is that as we expand our field, as we move along the Fibonacci Spiral of our life, we include more within it.  There is unity where more is included, not excluded.   I believe that 89 is a reachable state.  Make it a goal for the rest of your life.  Include more and have life-enhancing actions, thoughts and experiences as your measure of what you want in your life.  Then you can BE more of whom you came here to be, DO more of what you craved to do and have more than you ever believed you could have.

I highly recommend that you start to and continue to write the Creation Exercises.  These Creation Exercises are the only time that I stated to myself what I most deeply craved.  Try writing them!  Imagine what the life you crave would include. Use the alchemical formula of the Creation Exercises to open you up to more…more of life’s opportunities, life’s graces, life’s synchronicities.  To learn more about the Creation Exercises of the Language of Creation, go to