The Power of our Minds

Our bodies are talking to us all the time, yet we often don’t consciously listen to it.  In the Western Culture, we have been taught to listen only to authority outside of us…our family, our society, our religion to decide how to be, what to do, to say, or to have.  We give dominance to our head brain, which is the repository of these historical beliefs and experiences.  These old beliefs stay in control of our behaviors and our language unless we deliberately work to change them.

For the most part, human beings don’t respond recognizing that the information has been digested by the body.  Human beings respond more like having a mental manual. Recording something in your thinking is not the same as absorbing with your gut. We’re talking about a very different phenomenon which is based in intelligence that moves with sentience held in empathy, not with disconnected information that crowds the mental mind and distances you from your body’s ‘awe and wonder’ your MetaBody. Tantra Maat

Our Two brains

We have two brains that work together to help us survive and thrive in the reality that we were born into: Our Head Brain and our Gut Brain/ENS/Solar Plexus.  These two brains – head, gut – are part of an interrelated, interconnected, symbiotic system.

Physically our bodies use the Vagus Nerve to send information gathered by the ENS/Solar Plexus up to our Head brain to keep our entire body in homeostasis; to let us know what is going on within us and around us, hence our ‘gut responses; and to communicate with us all that is occurring beyond the capability of our physical senses and our head brain’s limitations.  Sentient Intelligence is the language of the abdominal/gut brain.   Sentient Intelligence is sensations, emotions, energies that arise from our Solar Plexus in response to life-generating or life-defeating experiences or thinking.

Energetically our body/mind system uses both flow and contraction to bring our internal systems into homeostasis and balance.  You see these flows identified in Taoism and in the Hindu Chakra system.

Spiritually our ENS/Gut brain responds to energies outside of our bodies by aligning these biological systems with our spiritual/dimensional aspects. The Solar Plexus/ENS is the response point for all the templates/connection/history that the Embryonic Brain held.  It should be the leader in accessing the larger fields of which we are a part and for in the moment information pertaining to that which is within and outside of us.

Our Four Minds

We have four minds all composed of vast networks of glial cells and neurons biologically held in our ENS and/or our head brain.

Our Mental Mind is the mind that we normally refer to.  It is primarily located in our head brain though some connecting networks do connect to the Abdominal Mind.  It is composed of networks of glial cells and neurons holding all that our culture/family/religion taught us about what is true about ourselves and the reality that we were born into.  While this information is from outside us, we often internalize it and let it determine how we interact in the world.   False assumptions here keep us from living the life we came here to live.

Our Abdominal Mind holds our Embryonic Mind.  The Abdominal Mind is also composed of vast networks of glial cells and neurons holding both the original design of the human being and the present in-the-moment information about what is occurring in our physical/energetic systems.  Sentient intelligence arises from both the Abdominal and Embryonic minds.

Our Embryonic Mind remembers our original design and our connection to our Being and to Creation.  It is held in glial cells and neuronal networks within the ENS. It is the activation of this mind that is part of our awakening.

Our Dimensional Mind is held in both the etheric and the physical fields.  It connects our matter with our energy, our flesh with our Spirit; our biochemical systems with our alchemical connections, our finite beingness with our infinite beingness.  There is a vast etheric network from this mind into the biological networks of our Mental Mind, our Abdominal Mind, and our Embryonic Mind. The networks of these four minds can learn to interact with each other to bring you into the embodiment of your larger Being within your biological matter.  It is through these networks working together that we have access to our own deeper wisdom.

Our minds are the response mechanisms to our system of consciousness here in this world.  It is possible to access the Abdominal Mind through paying attention to our Sentient Intelligence and moving into our direct link with our Being and Creation.  It is possible to build the capabilities of our energetic bodies and inner senses through activations, conscious connection and practice.  It is possible to activate our Embryonic mind through the writing of our Creation Exercises. It is possible to build our craved reality through writing your Creation Exercises during which new networks of glial cells and neurons that hold only life-enhancing, life-generating phrases are created.  These new networks connect to old historic networks and become dominant in the response patterns of our body/mind to new situations or experiences.  Then our whole body/mind/spirit system then has more possibilities of varied responses vs historic reactions.

For example, what would be the outcome of allowing the Mental Mind to have dominance over the Solar Plexus/Embryonic mind?  (as our present reality has us do) Would it be unconsciousness, a disconnection from our body, beliefs, habits, control by history?

What would be the outcome of giving dominance to our Solar Plexus/Embryonic memory over our Mental Mind?  Would it be direct knowing, more responses than reactions, an in-the-moment adjustment to what is occurring?

We are more than our Mental Mind.  We are not our history nor our historic reactions.  We are on the cusp of being our Being.  In listening to and opening up to our Abdominal, Embryonic and Dimensional minds, we will experience the state of being of who we came here to be, what we came here to do and what we came here to have.