The Power of You in Creating a New Future by Elektra Porzel

What do you have in common with a drop of water in an ocean?  While it is hard to see or experience one water cell in the ocean, they do exist.  They make up the body of the ocean.  Just like each cell of your body makes up the totality of your physical form.  Or a grain of sand…similar and not distinguishable in a beach of sand, but yet the very substance of what the beach is.

You are an entity that has billions of cells within you, each of which acts on behalf of the survival of your body.  They interact, support, and balance the functioning of other systems, organs, and glands.  While your body is like all other human bodies, none are exactly alike.  Yet we are all part of one human species on earth.  Most of the human species is interested in the survival of our species and of nature.  Unfortunately, not all humans are committed to doing what they can do to help the planet survive.  They are thinking only of their immediate gain.  In that navel gazing, they could make this planet unlivable for humanity. There’s the anomaly – does a species survive if the larger field within which it exists fails?  Probably not.

Remember the phrase, ‘So Above, so below’.  That means that however the Universe is created…its divisions, its subdivisions…then all the forms and entities in the Universe and life on earth are also organized in the same way.  If a grain of sand and a drop of water in the ocean are part of larger matrices of sand beaches or lakes/rivers/oceans, then what does that extrapolate about the human being and the human species, about the human Spirit and the Human Soul?  If we exist in a singular form and are part of a larger field of similar forms, then aren’t each of us part of the matrix of the Human species, then aren’t our individual Spirits part of large groupings in the etheric world, and part of one Human Soul?  Robert Temple, in the New Science of Heaven, presents the reality of an intelligence in plasma clouds between the earth and the moon.  That plasma intelligence is part of this matrix of mutual interdependence, interrelationships, and interactivity that creates the next recursion of wholeness for humanity and nature.  So Above/So below.

We impact the world around us whether we like to acknowledge it or not. Happy or depressed we permeate our neighborhood with our vibrations which can be our emotions or our state of being.  Jacqueline Freeman in Song of Increase explains this from the bee’s perspective, “Humans make a contribution by developing the higher self. The community present on the land is influenced by the emotional tones carried in each human. These powerful singings help or hinder the development and expression of all beings present. Humans who dwell in strongly negative energies are capable of undoing eons of expression and can bring the land presence to doldrums; forward advancement comes to a pause. Such human action may not seem significant on its own, but in party to all the presences, it can stall, influence or hasten co-evolution”

Without drops of water there is no ocean. Without grains of sand there is no beach.  Without the song of our Spirit singing, the human species and all other species cannot flourish.

We are both water and matter; we are Spirit and flesh; we are biochemical and alchemical; we are finite and infinite; we are one with all the cells of our body and we are linked as one in the field of the Human species.

Yes, like the drop of water in the ocean, you are needed so that the Human species can flourish and care for the earth so that it may flourish.  There are many ways to declare your intentions to create a new reality for humanity.  I believe that one of the best ways to do that is to write your Creation Exercises.  Through that writing you generate access to your deepest wisdom and elicit a more conscious connection to Creation.  You are one Being among many Beings.  In actively generating your visions of the future that each of us crave for ourselves, for humanity, and for the world, you impact the flow of the synchronicity because in your imagining you call in new energies from the greater powers and forces of the Universe to support humanity moving to its and our next recursion of wholeness.

How you choose to be in life makes a difference to the field of Human Being and to all that live near or with you. In writing your Creation Exercise using Template 3 ‘Craving what’, you in-form the world what a person, thing or word means to you.  You reframe that word so that when you interact with it in the future, a different interaction takes place.  An interaction that is more harmonious, more life-generating and life-enhancing.  In writing your Creation Exercises using  Template 4 ‘Craving what being’, you define what a state of being is for you. You define how you move into unity with an aspect of your Being. When you write your Creation Exercise using Template 4, you redefine how you want to be in the world whether it is short-term or for a lifetime.  Each of your subsequent actions is different and therefore creates a different future for yourself and for humanity.  You are a drop in the ocean and in being that you are the ocean.

You came here to be what you came here to be.  You came here to do what you came here to do.  How do you let go of your historic self, your history, and become more of whom you came here to be?  Write your Creation Exercises.  Doing this, the deepest matrix of your Being will become present and live within you, within your body and be present in how you live your daily life. In that change, you change your world and the world.

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