How Does Your Sentient Intelligence Inform You? By Liz Geyer

Since you began to write the Creation Exercises, you have been learning more about your sentient intelligence.  Did you know that the registers for your sentient knowing can now change, and how you are accessing your sentient knowing is changing?  This is fascinating!  I had always thought that once I tapped into my sentient knowing with certain registers, that I would use these registers over and over, yet I am finding my registers are shifting and changing, and deepening with time and experience.  I have been paying attention to knowing the registers for what is life enhancing and life generating, and I am noticing these registers now change over time.  As I have moved through recursions, different registers are created. And…life is becoming more fascinating as I am paying closer attention to connections through sentient registers.

An example of this could be an experience I had in my spheres course this week.  A young man, who was teaching us about paying attention to what happened after transmitting a message about whales into his sphere, explained that he used a negative experience to share with a whale through his transmission, that he would do everything he could to save the whales, so that they could live in safety and grace.  Soon after my class, three pieces of information about whales popped up in my field.  I happened to scroll through Facebook and found a video of a female scientist who was saved from a shark attack by a whale.  The video showed her experience with the whale.  Then today, I was looking at what was new at Disney World.  The animal kingdom park showed some artists sculpting a sand sculpture of whales that lies at the entrance of a new part of the park where you can learn all about whales!  Then, Disney just completed a full length movie about whales, and it may be up now on Disney Plus to view.  Up until earlier this week, I hadn’t been paying attention to whales.  Then, I became connected with this sphere operator who speaks about his experiences with whales.  My sentient antenna was in his field, and now…information about whales is popping up everywhere!  I am pinged in a big way to pay attention to my sentient knowing…the body is resonant…my solar plexus is vibrating.  The body is telling me to pay attention.  This…is…so…fun!

Let’s get practical for a minute, and revisit the definition for sentient intelligence.  Having this definition in front of me helps give me some context for what I am experiencing at this time.  This is the definition that we use in the Field of Tantra Maat.

“Sentient Intelligence:  The resonant language of creation that bonds all that exists into one cohesive whole. This is the intelligence when picked up on allows all of life to be a sensual, engaging, vital, and connected experience.  Experienced as sensations, sensitivity, emotions, or energies running thru you, imagination, words popping into your head.  It is an internal communication system.”

What are your registers for your sentient intelligence? How do you access your sentient registers?  How do they change over time?  What does that mean to you as they change? Why is it important to ponder this?  Why is it important to me? In a recent conversation with friends,  Maru  said, “I have new registers,and they are different from ones I had before. I don’t know what they mean, but I know I need to pay attention to them.”  This recursion…this state…the shifting of our being is happening in all of us, so why are we paying attention?  In this recent conversation happening with our community of friends, we all seem to be pondering these questions, knowing they are important, knowing we are deepening something, even though we do not know what…yet isn’t it fun to be in the wondering?!!!  Also during our conversation, we were present to knowing  sentient registers through sound; i.e. music, drums, electronic vibrations, solfeggio tones,etc;  written language of a story that opens us up into more; research we read on various topics; movement- access through the vibration and movement of the body; visual imagery, form, color, and kinesthetic action of placing color to paper; or creating art through various other mediums, such as embroidery or knitting; geopathic access through the vibration of the cells in the body.

I don’t know about you, but I am now in a place where there is nothing to do BUT to pay attention and be with these shifts in my being.  Today, as I was moving through how to write this blog, I was present to energy running up and down my legs, through my arms, up to my solar plexus.  I have never felt energy running through me this way before. I felt as though I was in the middle of a tide pool, with the body spinning. The energy began to swirl in a spiral in the solar plexus, and I had to just sit in my chair and be with it. I was drinking something with magnesium in it, and hoped in a bit of time the body would slow.  At the same time,  I couldn’t think straight, nor could I take in what anyone was talking about.  I couldn’t comprehend the language being spoken.  It truly jarred me.  I wondered if I was going mad for a moment.  My logical mind tells me it is a recalibration.  Yes, I could not ignore the shift the body was in, and I knew I had to pay attention, and had to sit with the body as it moved my spirit/soul/being through…I don’t know what…it was some-thing!  Is this a new register?  Well…I suppose so…a significant “recursion register”, I will now name it as I write!  No, it is not caffeine (I only had 1/4 cup this morning!)  No, it is not the new greens supplement I ingested.  Boy is it powerful!  In this particular “recursion register”, I can now say, the register was very physical, with emotion certainly running through the body as well.

Because of these amazing conversations we have been in, we are excited to continue the discussion to deepen our sentient intelligence, and we want to share in this conversation with all of you and your sentient wisdom!  We are offering this opportunity for all of you to join us to be part of this conversation on sentient intelligence.  What we are experiencing in life and in our body and being is changing now…how we’ve known our sentient intelligence has shifted, and we can’t wait to learn more to deepen our Being!  Join us on May 12th for a conversation of our sentient knowing now, and the new registers we are all experiencing!