A New Year A New Focus

In 2020, we all have experienced changes in our lives that were dramatically different than in previous years.  Sometimes these changes brought different commitments to the use of our time or how we relate with others.  Many of these changes were forced on us such as staying away from family and friends, monitoring our children’s or grandchildren’s online education, wearing of masks and keeping six feet away from each other.  These changes also shifted our perceptions of our role with others in our communities and the nation as was seen by the Black Lives Matter marches and the high turnout for voting in November.   Our holiday plans changed and we both missed them and found other ways to ‘be’ in the holiday mood.  Loneliness and sadness brought many to tears as they yearned to be with family or sick friends.

No matter what we experienced, we all began to see our lives in a different light.  Some have chosen to view much with suspicion and negativity.  Those conspiracy theories and fake news have not helped all of us to move into more sustainable future for everyone.  They probably have nuggets of truth in them, yet they do not promote creating a world that works for everyone.  Some people are choosing to take their 2020 experiences and build a life that is life-enhancing, life-generating – one that they deliberately make better.  Are these hopes for a different and better life like our old New Year’s Resolutions?  Maybe no and probably yes – there is something different in how we come to these Resolutions this year.  For myself, I began to wonder how my resolutions might be different.

Let’s take a look at a common one – getting healthier.  Typically, a lot of people start this one and lose momentum within a month or so.  What might shift our level of commitment this year?  How could our experiences of 2020 support us in keeping our 2021 Resolutions?  In 2020, I was studying with a Damanhur Meditation class, and they raised the idea of Renouncing something so as to bring some new commitment into our lives.  Something is ended so that something new can begin.  So, I thought what would I renounce in order to be healthier in 2021?  My lattes?  Complacency with the idea that I always have a hard time with weight loss, or  Sitting instead of moving?    I chose to renounce the latter and the other two will probably occur soon as well, though that is not my focus for now.

So far, this is an inner change for me, a kinder approach to me.  I renounce sitting/resting instead of finding some movement to do.  Yes, I am only in Day 4 of 365 days of 2021 and each day I have done something – maybe its yoga, maybe its Pilates for seniors, maybe its walking.  I am listening to my body and how it reacts to this new daily movement, as it moves instead of resting.  I made a commitment on my calendar to exercise every day in the morning.  I make myself get up, check out Silver Sneakers on YouTube and pick something.  I write in my calendar what I did.  I call these calendar commitments and evidence notes, my dates with Creation/God/Goddess.  They are my larger commitment to that connection I have with my Source, that which created me.  For me, bringing in this element of my life into my commitment to renounce resting instead of movement – well it ups the ante and my support system as well. Afterall, I am here because my Spirit wanted a life here on this planet.  I can make this life better by feeling physically more able to move and play.  So, me and Creation are together in renouncing resting and committing to movement. Yes!

What would you renounce as you seek to bring something new into your life?  Procrastination? A favorite treat?  A reluctance to commit?  It’s not too late to look back on 2020 and decide what you want to do differently in 2021.  Maybe its renouncing self-isolation so as to commit to reaching out to others – even on Zoom.  Maybe it is renouncing just thinking about how you want to support local food sourcing and committing to being active in local movements for sustainable food for all? Maybe its renouncing suspicion and putting your ‘extra’ time into making a change?  Maybe you are like me and renounce sitting and commit to enjoy your physicality more?  Maybe???

It is time to take what we learned in 2020, renounce the old and make room for the new.

As an additional support, I write the Creation Exercises that come from the Language of Creation by Tantra Maat.  They look like word templates where you write phrases that are life-enhancing and life-generating.  They give each of us access to our deeper wisdom and our larger dreams.  They are alchemical formulas that support us in accessing our dreams and supporting their manifestation in our lives now.  To learn to more about the Language of Creation, visit http://www.loc-institute.com/

I would love to hear your stories!  What are you renouncing?  What is the new activity that is taking place now?