An Invitation to a Conversation about Spiritual Journeys, Dreams and Balance in Life by Elektra Porzel

At our core, The Language of Consciousness (LOC) Institute operates on behalf of being what we as human beings came here to be, came here to do, and came here to have.

For the past six months, we have been seeking on how to best serve those who are at that point of deepening their spiritual journey, supporting them from the mystery to mastery.  We have also been exploring new learning models in consciousness.  (You can look at our YouTube channel or our Facebook page to listen to some of these conversations.)

To better serve you, we now want to be in conversation with you to discover more about your spiritual journeys, your dreams and the balance in your life.

The Advocates of the LOC Institute are inviting you into individual interviews.  In our thanks, we offer you a 30 minute mentoring session for free.

The scope of the conversation will include:

your personal and spiritual journey…

your hopes and dreams…

the balance of your inner and outer world in your everyday life…

Our interest is in individual and collective transformation, supporting people in manifesting the world they crave.

In the Institute, we have found that in exploring the questions, we create a fertile ground in discovering our collective and individual consciousness.

Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us!