Being With Capacities Together in the Orchestra of L.I.F.E. ( Life Integrated in the Frequency of Expression) By Liz Geyer

Capabilities- An Acrostic View of who we are together:











The brain is an amazing being, and I am so very grateful for the capacities and wonder that the brain has gifted me with!  These times in our thousands of years of history are quite significant. Our minds are full with such powerful events happening on our planet right now.  I am finding that in order to be in the work that is mine to be in, that I need to be with others in the field.  Are you experiencing something similar?

Are you feeling foggy?  Is time catching up with you…i.e., you can’t recall when something needs to be happening?  Is having to tend to all that you need to tend to a challenge right now?  Is being in your own Mind of Creation a struggle?  Stopping to take stock with all that is happening with our planet, with where we are located in the world, with our immediate locations, family, and ourSelves is significant.  Observing where we are in this huge conglomeration of time is important.  Taking stock helps us to see that, alone, there is a lot on our plates that we juggle ourSelves daily.  And so…I am advocating for being with others, as it extends and increases our capacity to be in this beautiful work we each have been called to at this time.

I am beginning to hear the same message a great deal these days…”I cannot do what I used to do alone.  I need to work with another person.  I find my brain just works better.”  Does this sound familiar?  For me, I find that working with another person, or a small group really heightens my capacities, clears the haze that sometimes settles over me, and I can ‘see’ more clearly, ‘hear’ more clearly’.

This is such a potent time to be observing who we are with ourSelves, and who we are with others.  Being with others and being in a self study with ourSelves is so exciting right now.  Using our capacities together can really help us to observe more acutely who we are.  Being in conversation with others transparently about what is up in the field for us individually helps those we are working with become present to what is up both, with us, with themSelves, and with the world. 

Another way to say this is that we are each a part of the world’s orchestra, as we speak in our own language, through our own individual resonance.  We are each a string on a violin,cello or bass…pick which is resonant for you.  When we speak from our heart transparently, others hear our unique string vibration, and together we create a new harmonic resonance that pings in our hearts, and we learn more of the richness of who we are individually and the capacities we bring to the collective ‘world soundstage’.

I have been feeling the beauty and richness of discovering more about who I am and what my individual design is, all while hearing the harmonic resonance of this incredibly powerful vibrational orchestra…being with others and learning with others.  As we connect with each other, each in our own unique sound resonance, we can hear our unique sound signature.

What used to be the old sewing circle could now be the new self study.  Where we were transparent about what was sad about the world.  Now, we sit with each other in this beautiful new orchestra, making new music together to discover all of the new aspects of us and each other.  Potent possibilities occur when this happens.

Potency in living…potency in discovering our capacities and designs of our innateness and essentialness in life…isn’t that a rush to be with?  Consider joining a group to discover Self in yourSelf and others…it’s a blast!!