A Case for Accessing our Indigenous Knowing

For thousands of years, human beings have been seeking to find their place in the Universe.  We can see from the remaining indigenous spiritual practices that this involved an interactive, interconnected, and symbiotic relationship with all life on earth and in the universe as well as a relationship with a higher dimensional being who looked out for them and all life.  From that we see the development of many religions which gave a higher dimensional Being some powers over the humans with the agreement of protecting them.  Today, in the western world, many humans have abandoned the belief in a religious God/Goddess.  Some are regaining a greater personal awareness of the network of all life on earth of which we are a part.  Some still believe in the ironic phrase of humans having the dominion over all life.  The latter have simply abandoned their responsibility to the earth and her animals, trees etc.

Some say we are in an extinction event.  If the majority of humans decide not to change their ways environmentally, and communally, then our species will die as this planet becomes unable to support life as we have known it.  Environmentally so that other species and humans can survive and thrive on this planet.  Communally so that we each treat every other person as we would like to be treated as in equal rights for all humans regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, handicap etc.   To this list I will add the need for humans to come back into right relationship with nature as in the manner of indigenous cultures. What does that mean?  It means recognizing that we are part of an interconnected, interactive, and symbiotic whole of all life.  We are one of the elements of life on earth and certainly not the most important one. This awareness would change how we work with the land, protect natural areas, limit the use of water, clean the air, protect the rights of animals, birds etc.

In his book, Sand Talk, Tyson Yunkaporta talks about how his indigenous people comprehend these matrices of connection with other humans, with the land, with animals, plants etc.  This knowing helps them keep balanced and respectful in the actions that they take with others in these matrices of connections. This in-the-moment knowing of the interactive, interconnected, and symbiotic relationship that we have with all life is critical in the survival of all humans, not just the indigenous peoples.  Humans must become present to these matrices of connection of which we are a part if the species is to thrive on this planet.

I have been using another language-based tool to open myself up to my own sense of my Beingness, to what it is that I came here to be and do.  The Templates of the Language of Creation allow me to define what words, persons, concepts mean to me.  These new definitions are always life-generating and life-enhancing.  Therefore, my thinking becomes deeper and wider in how I think, and how I function in the world.  To explore the Language of Creation and its Templates, go to www.loc-institute.com/