It Takes a Village by Elektra Porzel

One of the tenets of the field of Tantra Maat is being one with another in the larger field.  While it may be feel off-base, we do prosper in our own individual growth/expansion best when we are part of a group of people who are in similar path.   We grow/expand faster, deeper, wider when connected in a field with others.

Let’s take this back to what you are used to…your historic personality.  We will call it your ‘self’ (lower case ‘s’).  For most of you, that self has not seemed adequate to all that you want to be.  You want to be more.  That more we will call your ‘Self’ (upper case ‘S’).  Your Self is the interface with the everyday world that no longer traps you historically because you know that you are more. In the Magician of Self, we seek to be our Being, our larger Self.

We are Spirit in partnership with our human body.  That Spirit is revealing itself as we seek to access the powers of our Being, to build our capacities into being those capabilities.  We use rituals to hone those capacities and capabilities of our larger Being. Together we support each other in this expansion of Self.  It is with others who are making the same unfolding journey that we see them and honor their deepening into all that they are and that is when we realize that they are doing the same for us.  Together we create a synergy that it only available when we open up to our Selves together.

Your (capital S) Self is the point of perception where the temporal experience of your mortal life and the eternal experience of your immortal existence come together.  The discovery of this Self is in the metapoint of the temporal and the eternal, the secular and the sacred, the biochemical and the alchemical, and more.

All the years of Tantra bringing the Accordion to our attention was for this time…for each of use to realize that we hold within our Self the capacity to be in those metapoints.  The more consciously conscious you become of your Self, the more you begin to observe and experience that you are not static. You are not just your historic personality.  You change, you move, and you are dynamic. We discover our Self in writing our Creation Exercises using Templates 3 & 4.  This is the power of Template 3 and 4 – the restoration of our sentient registers of the Sacred & the Secular, the Alchemical & the Biochemical, the Infinite & the Finite of you.

Lately I have been thinking about different groups of people who have been with me in this ‘being with others in the field’.  There was the Tiers then the Spirals.  There is now the WhatsApp FOTM and the classes such as Unpacking, Guardians, Magicians of Self.  There is one group that has lasted for the last eight years and that is the Language of Consciousness Institute.  For 8 years a varying group of people have worked as a team to create the products and programs that we offer. I have been blest with being with women who craved to have more people have access to the use of the Templates.  My deepest gratitude goes out to each of the women mentioned below, for all the hours they spent in planning, discussion, creation of new programs and in delivery of our programs.

Melinda Davies and Alex Pidgley first met with Tantra in Fall 2015 to create the mission and vision of the Institute.  They created the first website and hoped to lead the institute to a large audience. I was brought into the mix in February 2016 as the Director of the Institute.  Our first teaching team included myself, Liz Geyer, Sahere Hum, and Melissa Spangle.  We spent the summer and fall being guided by Tantra to create the curriculum for a two-day course on Templates 1 & 2 which we delivered in late fall 2016 and in 2017.  Melissa became our tech person and created many of the graphics in our videos that we still use today.  Maru Orozco, Victoria MacMahon, Beryl McCandless joined the team in 2018.  Maru worked with Spanish speakers in offering training on the Templates and translated our Guidebooks into Spanish. Beryl offered sounding sessions, created the glyphs for each Template and was a one of the three teachers of our Curiodyssey program along with Liz and Victoria.  In 2020 the Institute worked with Tantra to deliver the GOD Matrix series.  In 2021 we delivered a Self-Study series which included a focus on movement and sentience along with utilizing the Creation Exercises to create the life that you crave.  Lori Candon joined our team in 2022 and along with Victoria created programs around sentience, movement, and the Creation Exercises.

Tantra brought our focus into Embodiment in fall 2022 and Liz Geyer started the Unpacking series that have continued for a year and a half.  Deborah Merchant joined the team in 2022.  We started offering book discussion groups in 2022 as conversations began to be our opening up into the ‘more’ process. Our conversations opened us up to not only the author’s insights and more so into what priceless Beings that we are.  It is in conversation that we deepen our own knowing and widen our comprehension of the matrices of life that the other participants bring to the conversation.  Throughout the years we have created projects to support writers in either using a larger field to support their writing or using the field to expand our comprehension through deeper conversations.

This spring our team consists of myself, Liz, and Deb as we offer monthly presentations on each of the Templates.  As we created presentations on each of the Templates, we utilize PowerPoints some of which were developed in 2016 and 2017.  Every product and program that we have created has been built on the work of our previous teams.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of them for their contributions and to thank everyone who has come to our programs.  We have found that it is in these conversations that we all have grown and deepened our comprehension of what it is to become our larger Self with the support of writing our Creation Exercises.

It is indeed with others in the field that we all grow and expand in our capacities to BE our larger Self.