Our G.O.D. Matrix as Sound in Forming Form by Beryl McCandless

Early on when I was discovering the joy of opening up into singing, Sounding, questions rose. Why am I creating these Sounds? Why is there such a passion in me for Sound and Sounding? The more I let these questions marinate, in my meditations, contemplations, the more it fueled me to go deeper.

Then I remembered a woman came up to me in ’97 or ’98 after and event I cohosted, and she asked me why I ‘sang’ the way I did?  I looked into her eyes and with love and connection answered, “I Sound for those who can’t. I Sound so others can remember who they are, what they are.”  Tears immediately came and as she wept, she said, “I want to remember”.

Singing, Sounding all moves us closer to something greater than ourselves while we are here. Chanting is a beautiful vehicle to explore higher vibration. Gospel hymns are powerful rhythms to be in the Spirit of the Lord. Music (not Coke a Cola) brings the world together and collapses neutralizes cultural bias, hatred.

Another question started playfully popping up in my dream time last year. What if we dared to claim we are Generating Organizing Designs as Sound in forming form?

What if we carried our own unique Sound, (our personal Generating Organizing Design) within the greater G.O.D.?

What if we were or could hear it, feel it, sense it?

What if we were Sounding this incredible frequency all the time broadcasting it to the world, to the cosmos?

What if we dared to explore this Sounding and experiment by Sounding ourselves? What would happen? What could happen?

If this makes you curious, smile or even has you excited and you’re not sure why, I will be sharing more through the LOC on Sound, Sounding and creating events this year to playfully, and safely explore your unique and essential contribution to the world.  A world that we are creating together.