Emotional Presence: Give The Mind a Spring Cleaning by Victoria McMahon

Feelings and emotional states of being are becoming the predominant experience in these times upon us.  The shift from one feeling to another is so swift and often many of us are not able to language what is moving with us.  It can feel like a multitude of experiences culminating spontaneously.

How is this part of your experience?  How do you language it….inside a creation template….in a conversation?  Are you finding your relationship with experience confusing or awakening?

This may very well be how we are moving with or into the next reset.  The curiosity is what does a next reset look or feel like.  Is it like previous resets in our physical being lifetime or are we embracing a whole new system response reset.  Being a willing explorer in the recent Timeless Time event with Tantra Maat, I feel the body mind response to what is upon me these days is moving into the beyond the usual timeline that used to label as familiar time sequences.

Aspects of being human occurring in the so called sequence of a day are experienced as slowed down time and then other experiences feel like they occur in the blink of an eye.  For me, I have been sensing various chapters of this lifetime are being rewritten and, in the present time, new chapters are waiting to be recorded.  It is occurring as the saying, ‘when one door closes, another door opens (or maybe it is a window).  Feeling doors beginning to close as what no longer holds my attention or what I am not longer wiling to give attention to is a meaningful dialogue being observed in the mind and is now finding a voice into the world.

I was particularly struck in exploring Timeless Time what rose into the field to be acknowledged and integrated.  The feelings of sorrow, deep longing and honored reflection gave space for the capacity to close one door and allow possibilities for one or more doors to open.  While I imagine the potential doors opening and move with the sentience of what is nudging my thought into action, I am very clear the what and how is being in-formed and thus in-forming this being.

During Timeless Time, I observed how the body system could be with the myriad of sensations from spaciousness around the solar plexus and heart in the beginning time of the event. Then moving into the exploration of what Tantra referred to as mechanistic thinking/identity, I tracked the pressure upon my head as a reorganization of neural networks to bring space and give access to being with the mind in deeper relationship with the how of operating in Time.  This pressure, like a vice grip, was more challenging when I identified it as a problem I had created.  The moment I observed it as a looping or stuck thinking patterns of old, the intensity reduced and an a pathway cleared or a window in Time emerged.   By the end of the event, the pressure valve released.  The system is now in a new conversation.

This conversation is mostly moving with observation as the foundation.  Observing feeling this chapter in life closing has me be present to space for honoring and willingness to move into being with how closing is for me.  Being present to space for honoring and willingness to move into being with how closing is for me has opened me up into the value of not rushing to action.  Opened up into the value of not rushing to action has me have a different way of listening to move with Time to feel completion while fulfilling into the next.

This is how the Creation Templates are a part of moving and being with the moment.  Allowing the full experience is the embrace of how the templates support the being to be in the space of BDW (broader, deeper, wider) and open the mind up into the in-forming into action.  The pause is part of the sorting between that gives access to the greater realms to participate with and through us.

Can you enter into your landscape and observe what is completing in you…pause and give observation in Time.  Then through refection, move into the birth/rebirth of the mind that lies beyond all the distortion and looping thinking (mechanistic thinking)?  As we are in the season of renewal, the spring that brings new life, new thought…what is the window or door you are opening to bring freshness, vitality, and clarity as you pause and take in this next, new deeper breath of being?