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Welcome to the

Language of Creation Course

July 29th & 30th, 2017

Welcome and thank you for joining the Language of Creation Online Course. Your Facilitator Guides are looking forward to sharing this amazing program with you.

This area is where you will find all of your course information and materials. To access this area simply go to the Library page and login using the username and password that you assigned when you purchased this course.

Before You Begin

Course Guidebook

Make sure you download and print this before the first class starts.


Pre-Course Questionaire

A questionnaire to be completed before we start this course.

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Support Videos

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Your Course Materials

July 29 & 30, 2017

Course Guidebook
Make sure you download and print this before the first class starts.

Pre-Course Questionnaire
Please complete prior to the course beginning.
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Video Replays
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Support Videos

Here you will find videos that will give deeper insights and information on the subjects taught during the program. Click or tap on the link below and you will find a list of  videos for each part of the program.

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The Language of Creation Book

Language of Creation Book Cover


The Language of Creation book is the accompaniment to the Creation Templates Level 1 and we highly recommend that you have read the book before the course starts. You can purchase it in paperback or digital format.

The Commitment

Your Commitment to YOU

Your Commitment to YOU

We strongly recommend that you create a quiet, comfortable space for yourself so that you will not be interrupted.

No multi-tasking. Please plan on being fully engaged with the program during class time.

Have a note book, pencil or pen, and tissues available during the event.

We ask you to trust in this process. Open yourself up into having access to information that may be new or different. Do not try to understand. To understand is to ‘know how’ to do something.

Allow yourself to remain open to what is before you, i.e. able to grasp something so fully, you are one with it. The process of opening up to new information/perspectives assists your brain in creating new neuropathways. While initially this may result in feeling foggy or muddled, ultimately it helps you to access your own deeper wisdom.

Give yourself permission to take risks in being vulnerable in sharing during the course. This is how you gain strength, stamina and capacity to be fully present and living to whom you came here to be.

You do not have to agree or disagree with what we say. Please listen and simply stay present to what is discussed and presented. You can make your decisions about agreeing or disagreeing after you have completed the course.

Let whatever comes up, come up…without judging…only observe.

You can move around during the class if you need to. You won’t disturb anyone. You can turn off the video of yourself at anytime.

You might also wish to have a drink and snacks close by.

Your Commitment to OTHER Students

Your Commitment to OTHER Students

We are creating sacred space together.  Please be on time for the start of class and after breaks.

Keep your microphone muted at all times unless you are asking a question or sharing.  Even paper shuffling creates background noise that disturbs others.   The Guides will let you know when you can unmute to ask questions.

The chat function is to direct questions to the Guides.  You may type in questions anytime.  We may acknowledge those questions when they come in or at breaks. 

Your fellow participants will be practicing vulnerability and risk-taking in their sharing and questions.  Please do not share anything said by participants with others outside of class.  You may discuss general content of sharing but not specifics.  It’s a surprisingly small world.

OUR Commitment to You

OUR Commitment to You

We start on time and end on time. Please check your time zone relative to the Pacific Time zone so that you can be sure to be on the call at the correct time. If your class is scheduled to occur during a timeframe in which daylight savings time changes on or off, please recheck your time zone relative to the Pacific Time zone as Europe, Mexico, and the US changeover to/from Daylight savings time on different dates.

For the first class, we will be online live 30 minutes before the class to help partipants get comfortable with Zoom functions.

We provide Student Guidebooks, Powerpoint presentations and video replays to aid in your learning.

We provide time for discussion and questions at multiple times during each session.

We do not judge your sharing nor do we allow others to do so.

We listen for resonance in your writing of your Creation Exercises.

Course Information



[themify_icon icon=”fa-barcode” link=”http://” style=”large” icon_color=”#da9116″] Meeting ID: 767 419 2032

Start Time:  9 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Webinar Link Here:  (Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android)

Telephone Dial In:

USA +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll):  +14086380968, 7674192032# or +16465588656, 7674192032#

Dialing in from outside USA?
International numbers are available for your country click here

We are Here to Support You

Facilitator Support
You will be assigned to one of the Facilitator Guides for individual support in writing and reviewing your Creation Exercises.

Coaching Support
If you are looking for some extra help with the Creation Templates or anything that has come up during the program you can book a private session with one of the program Guides.

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