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Guide Private Sessions

Have you run up against a block on completing parts of a Craving or Observing?

Do you want time with a guide to go through your Creation Exercises just to make sure you are on the right track?

Having trouble figuring out what resonant is for you while doing a Craving?

Want some guidance about dealing with the emotions present in an Observing?

Wondering how you make using the Creation Exercises part of your daily life?

Our guides are offering you 30 minutes – 60 minutes to have a private session over Zoom or phone to discuss any or all of the above.  Just click on the guide below and then select the amount of time that you would like to spend with them.  Your guide will contact you to set up a mutually convenient time.

Sally Hummel

Sally Hummel

Sally has a strong empathy and passion for people ….

Sally Hummel says ‘I love celebrating with others.  I love to laugh and play with life, and I love to explore and discover new ways of being‘.

I was always fascinated with people and what had them be who they are. I have realized that whatever I am doing must be big enough, and it must have the ability to reach the masses or I would not be doing it.

Guide Private Sessions

Elektra Porzel

Elektra is a weaver of energetic matrixes that allow individuals to discover their own unique and essential role in our future. 

For 50 years, Elektra studied and applied teachings from a variety of deep transformative disciplines including; meditation, energy healing, indigenous cosmologies and body work.  Each of these disciplines effected a transformation in how Elektra lived in the world and how she would assist humanity in creating a new future. A new future where people lived their best selves in unity with others.

Liz Geyer

Liz Geyer

Liz is an energetic keeper of the greater matrixes of Creation, working with children and adults to weave together all of the magic they wish to see in the world.

From the time she was a child, creating worlds in her backyard where everyone got along and worked together in harmony, Liz has been present to wanting and needing to make a difference in the world, especially on behalf of children, whose voices are especially wise and trustworthy

Guide Private Sessions

Melissa Spangle

Melissa considers herself a student of Creation.
She acquired a deep love for learning beginning at the tender age of 3, when she attended an unconventional school where students explored learning when and how they wished, with a lot of support, but very little structure. This environment fostered a deep love of exploring things that interested her, which naturally resulted in learning about them in the process. She found this sort of learning enlivening and exciting, which invariably led her to want to share what she had learned with others.