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Our Story

The Creation Institute

We develop, promote and teach technologies of consciousness and living practices that are designed to unlock human potential. We do this so that humans can actualize profound changes in their personal lives which then reflect in the larger eco-systems within which we all operate. Creation is a word we use that describes the capacity to generate environments in which we live aligned, resonant, and in unity with our highest possibilities.

Our Values

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In our equity-based approach, our values are empathy, harmony and unity. We apply these values in everything we do, every connection we make, and everything we create.

Our Story... So Far

Over the last twenty years we have co-created techniques that focus on the emerging transformation of humanity. They allow diverse groups of people to come together in an inter-related, inter-dependent and inter-active whole. Our learning research continues through a unified field created by Tantra Maat.

The Creation Institute is founded on the work of Tantra Maat and focuses on unlocking the creative potential inherent in every human and the inter-woven unity of life itself. The techniques and practices that we teach have been co-created over the last twenty years through an ongoing experiment of a living unified field created by Tantra. These techniques and living practices are one expression of her important and valuable work.

One of the key techniques, the Creation Exercises, created by Tantra Maat that we teach is based on seven craving templates and two observing templates, created from a specific geometric pattern and unity principles. This has been published in the Language of Creation book, with the second and third books in the series, Mind of Creation to be published in 2017 and Architect of Creation to be published in 2018.

Our Vision

TCI_Icons-09We envision Human Beings living in the magic of their original design so life can reveal itself for the dream that it really is, and live in the strength, stamina and capacity of the dreams that they came to be part of.

Our Mission

Our mission is to free people from their trauma-based realities and create environments where they experience their original design that they are here to be.

Your Privacy

At TCI it is our priority to ensure that your personal data and any information that you share with us is secured and is only used by our trained staff to assist you in your personal path to wholeness.

The People

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