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Welcome to the Language of Consciousness Institute!


What is consciousness?  How does it relate to our search for whom we came here to be?  How does our mind/our brain change so that the thoughts of the past do not drag us down for our search into higher consciousness?  The Language of Creation, was developed by Tantra Maat to help us move out of the limitations of the mental mind created by the reality that we were born into.  In the search for higher consciousness, the mental mind has been left out of many spiritual disciplines.  It has been hampered by historical beliefs, and habits. which has caused many spiritual disciplines to leave it out of their practices. 

Each person is a whole system: Body & Spirit, Matter & Energy, Biochemical & Alchemical, Finite and Infinite, Secular & Sacred.  Each human has access to layers of consciousness where they can be in balance in these dualities.  That access and capacity to be in higher dimenrsions is possible when we discover our own mind which is hidden inside our historic mind.  The Language of Creation Templates, when written regularly, help us discover our deeper wisdom and our larger mind.  They help us be in greater connection with Creation/God/Goddesss/Source and our larger Spirit.

The writers of the creation exercises, you if you so choose, design the future that they crave for themselves and humanity.  We provide the tools for learning not just the ‘how to’ but more so the thinking and structure behind these templates.  We offer support as they/you experience the shifts into their/your craved futures.

The Language of Consciousness Institute supports you in building your strength, stamina and capacity to live the life you crave.  We support you in creating coherent, cohesive and congruent practices so that you can play a more consciously creative role in your life and in the world around you.  Here you will find connection, empathy and harmony with a shared goal of awakening to our higher consciousness.

Where do you start?

Want to learn starting from the basic Craving? links

Don't know which Template you need to start with? links


Learning to Write Your Creation Exercises

We have created videos, and guidebooks that give you not just the Step by step guidance but also articles that give you access to the larger field of consciousness which the Template accesses.

Additionally you can deepen your comprehension and assuage some of your challenges through individual and group mentoring.

Ongoing Support

One of the keys to gaining strength, stamina and capacity in the unfolding of your layers of consciousness is to write your Creation Exercises regularly AND to engage with others in the field about the ahas and challenges of writing the Creation Exercises.

We cannot experience deeper/higher layers of consciousness if we are not actively within a field with others.  It is in the listening, the engaging, the speaking that we open up to the more that is truly who a human being is.

For participation with others, The Institute offers  monthly gatherings where your voice can be heard by others.  For listening to others, the Institute offers Facebook live on our FaceBook page, Language of Consciousness Institute, and on our YouTube channel.

Join us in the engagement of our minds and our Spirits as we all return to our original design.