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Dr Brene Brown on Empathy vs Sympathy

The Empathic Civilisation

Outrospection (Empathy)

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The Divided Brain

The Power of Oneness

Joe Dispenza Meditation & Brain Waves

Day 1 Tantra's Perception on Healing

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Language is important to us and we have put together this glossary of words we commonly use.

Activation is to spark a shift in another’s body and spirit; to vitalize another.

Alchemical Knowledge is a series of formulae (e.g. the Creation Templates) that have the ability to transform our inner and outer worlds.

Awakening is the process of becoming aware, of remembering our integral part of life on Planet Earth.

Body/Flesh is our material biological form made up of energy/matter.

Craving is my deepest longings, passions and dreams.

Creation is the Higher Intelligence that forms all life in the Universe.

Creative Life Force is your own true connection to Higher Intelligence.

Earthly Endeavour is my sense of purpose or calling. It’s what I am here on this earth to do.


Embody is to be fully in myself. To be in alignment with my Original Self. To fully acknowledge all parts of myself.

Observing is being present to what is occurring in the moment. A state of awareness.

Original Design is a return to my embryonic essence i.e. the purity of who I was when I was born. A place of purity free from the effect of trauma that may cloud our true nature and knowing.

Self is my highest possibility as a Human Being.

Spirit is the energetic part of us that animates and inspires us to xxx (some research notes here, Einstein and/or Tagore?)

The Field is an energetic space that is based on Unified Field Principles

Tracking is to observe, not to judge but to understand.

Transmission is an energetic download from the greater fields of creation into the molecular physical plane of Human Being