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Language of Creation Weekend Webinar

The Language of Creation is a dynamic tool for re-formatting.
HOW you think; to create the life you want.

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Language of Creation
Weekend Webinar

Oct 7th & 8th, 2017

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What is the Language of Creation?

According to modern science, sound created our universe. To produce a sound, a vibration corresponding to it is also created. The vibrational energies that transmute into sound carry the resonance of the universe and resonate into human existence.

From the beginning of time humans transmuted sound into communication. Some sounds coordinated actions from daily tasks to group ventures. Other sounds expressed spiritual wonder. Sound as vibration exists both externally and internally…. whether pen to paper, voice to speech, brush to canvas, or hand to clay.

Our different brain waves oscillate at different vibrational rates inducing thoughts and experiences that affect our daily survival, stimulate our dreamtime, lift us into transcendent states of knowing, give us the ability to shift our reality.

Language is a template of expression in which we create our reality. We see, sense, think, feel, hear, and are well or not well, according to how language we use organizes reality within us.

In modern times, language is limited to the spoken and written word, but language existed long before speaking and writing began. Before we began to form thought into beliefs, language let the universe move through our human experience and our language expression echoed our connection to Creation back into the Universe. We knew ourselves as part of the creative process of Creation.

Within us lies a language of creation that exists both internally and externally in our attempt to be connected to the world around us, to ourselves, and to each other. Realities are created by this language of Creation. What is present in the language of one reality is not present in the language of another. Our internal language shapes our thoughts and our thoughts, known or unknown, shape our reality.

The Creation Templates

The structure of the Creation Templates in the Language of Creation shifts the neural pathways of our everyday thinking, accessing more of our authentic hopes, dreams and desires. This simply gives us access to parts of our minds that we normally are unable to access. We can then shift our ‘normal’ thinking patterns into ones that support life and connect us to our highest possibilities.

The Language of Creation course is part one of a three-part progressive course. In this course you will learn how to use four of the Creation Templates so you can apply them to your everyday life and begin to build the life you truly desire. You will also be given access to information that settles an undercurrent of doubt that human beings are often plagued by and will expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of present concepts.

Moor Magic

Why use the Templates

  • To shift anxiety, stress and fear to being calm, focused and in control of your life.
  • To shift disillusionment and disappointment to being fulfilled.
  • To shift confusion, procrastination and uncertainty to clarity and intuitive knowing.
  • To shift from isolation to connection with yourself and with the world around you.
  • To shift life-defeating thinking to life-enhancing thinking.

“I was affected by trauma and lived in fear, my fear was so deep I didn’t realize how much control it had over my life. The creation templates restored me back to a place of comfort, a place of trust, a place of responding to life instead of reacting to it. VB”

Course Content

Day 1

A history of the development of the Creation Templates

The Reality of Separation and Connection; How our physical, emotional, language, nervous and energetic systems reflect those realities.

Explanation and practice of Template 1: Craving

How the structure of the Templates relates to the Fibonacci Sequence

Explanation and practice of the Observing Template

Day 2

Languages of Separation and Connection

The Power of a Field

Explanation and practice of Template 2: Craving Being

Energy and the Creation Templates

Explanation and practice of the Observing Being Template

Bridging the Continuum of Separation and Connection

Resources and Next Steps

Also Included

Participation in two months of  Deepening your Experience with the Templates events following the webinar.

What Happens During These Events?

  • We can answer any questions you have.
  • You can share your experience with writing the Creation Exercises.
  • You can share Creation Exercises you’ve written.
  • We can discuss how people use the Creation Exercises in their life.
  • We can even write Creation Exercises together, either collaboratively as a group or each writing their own Creation Exercises within the shared Field.

Start your Journey.

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I noted that this form of ‘creating’ felt deeper than other forms of visioning I had practiced as it caused me to make the space for my intuition to reveal, to discover. I simply needed to ‘wait on myself’ and let my responses rise on their own. So it became a joyful adventure! Soon I started moving through the exercises with ease and curious anticipation. What might I find next? What else is in there?” – Callie Shively, MA, LMFT. Marriage & Family Therapist

Current Offerings

October 7th & 8th, 2017

Price  –  $610.00

Weekend Online Event: Saturday, October 8th & Sunday, October 9tth

Time: 9am to 5pm (pst) 

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