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The 90 Days of Creation Project

Generating Realities of Unity Through Creation Exercises

There is a reality of Separation on earth that has been the ruling reality UNTIL NOW. It is fighting its last fight as the reality of unity begins to rise in the people.  We must support the rise of unity through our actions, our language, and our commitment to the dominance of the reality of Unity on earth.

We promise you there is a way to impact the chaos that is occurring right now.  The 90 Day Creation Project provides you with a sanity-making capacity that is needed in our world more than ever. 

The Creation Exercises, which are the core practice of this 90 Day Creation Project, were developed by Tantra Maat precisely for these tumultuous times.  She knew these times were coming and she wanted humanity to have tools to support them through these trying times and ones that would, at the same time, help us design our new futures.

As the reality of unity takes residence on earth, we will start hearing these phrases in people’s conversation…‘Of course, we can figure out ways to live in harmony with each other.’ ‘Of course, we can find a way to have everyone and everything have a place here.’ ‘Of course, we don’t want to harm each other.’

Doing the Creation Exercises impacts the reality of separation that is fighting to rule our world.   During this 90 Days of Creation we will gather and use the alchemy of our life force energy to feed the field!

We are at a critical time in the world.  We are in evolving. The world is in chaos and it is pitching destruction against creation.  This is coming from fragments of reality that people have held to be real, but which are not.

Now, new realities are being born out of the chaos. Those realities will be born out of our cravings. It has always been that way between human beings and Creation. What we crave based in fear becomes fear-based realities. What we crave that is based in being one with ourselves, others, and life becomes unity-based realities. Now is the time that we can put pressure on the chaos and influence into new form.

For those of us who have been doing the Creation Exercises, our trauma baseline is greatly diminished and we are more free to ‘crave’ for the sake of Creation. Now we must generate cravings to support rising realities that operate on behalf of life and have us exist as whole.

Many of us are craving a trauma-free world. As systems collapse and as what we have had from the past goes out of existence, all of us whether weather worthy from doing the Creation Exercises or new to the game have a monumental opportunity to ‘fill in the blank’ so to speak. Seed the chaos so as things form, they form according to our cravings.

This is what Tantra Maat, the architect of the Creation Exercises, holds the Language of Creation course to be so important for humanity as we evolve our minds, our spirits, and our worlds. The mind we were born into is not the mind of the future. We are forming the mind of the future in our every moment now. We need help with our minds.

Now it is time to create the larger field of craving, so that humanity can regain their expressive capacity to create with Creation what they are craving to create.

As you know, language generates reality.  Let’s take on daily life-enhancing language by doing the Creation Exercises.

Imagine that each of your Creation Exercises establishes a field that is informing Creation. 

Imagine if thousands of people informed the Field of Creation every day for 90 days. 

Imagine what Creation might create filled at all those bright fields of Cravings! 

Creation would then have a large diverse field to draw from!   Our ability to survive as expressive human beings of Creation will start to grow for all of humanity.

Imagine if we restore craving to humanity, don’t you think that it could accomplish something extraordinary

What is the 90 Day Creation Project?

Everyone of us who joins this project writes their Creation Exercise in our own space and at our own designated time. Each of us writes a Craving Creation exercise on one day and its Observing Creation exercise on the next.  We, as a collective, in our own time and way, publicly or privately, are joining together to write the Language of Creation daily for 90 days.

What do we write about (crave) in our Creation Exercises?

Whatever we crave for our life, for other people, for the world – it ALL matters. Imagine – when we write a craving, we are like the breath of life blowing the wind of creation into a fragmented reality. When we combine the strength and capacity of many more, the effects can be astounding!

What support is there for me in in this project?

 If you are new to the Creation Exercises or have not read the Language of Creation book, we suggest that you purchase Tantra Maat’s book  The Language of Creation: Your Original Design .   If you’d like more detailed information on how to write the Level 1 Creation Exercises, we offer instructional videos that include Template 1: Craving, the Observing Template and a guidebook in Package 1 and Template 2: Craving Being, the Observing Being Template and a guidedbook in Package 2 to support you as you learn to integrate this practice into your life. These are available for purchase in our store.

During the 90 Day Creation Project, you will get weekly emails from the Creation Institute teachers, giving you encouragement, tips on writing the Cravings and Observings of the Creation Templates, opportunities to dig a little deeper, and some ideas to stimulate the field.

You’ll also get access to our Facebook page for the 90 days of Creation Project, Generating Realities of Unity – through Creation Exercises. Here you can share your craving exercises, discuss your experience with others committed to making it a daily practice, and ask for advice or help from those who are deeply knowledgeable in how the Creation Exercises work.

What is the cost?

There is no cost!

We are creating a global, 90-day event, with as many people participating as possible!

Do you have other questions before signing up for the free 90 Days of Craving Project? Contact us!

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