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5 Day Challenge

Join Us Now For the Five Day Challenge: Getting to Know Your Sentient Intelligence

What is Sentient Intelligence? It is the language of the deepest natures of our body and our Spirit.  It’s language is nonverbal and comes as sensations, imagination, and sensitivities.  It is the only part of us that can tell us in the moment what is occurring both within and outside of us. It’s our access point to our deepest wisdom. Fluency with your own Sentient Intelligence is critical in these changing times.

Over five days, we will offer you activities to assist you in getting to know how sensations, imagination and sensitivities operate as your sentient intelligence. Our goal is that you become more connected to life and to that which makes you whole.

Start Date:  December 14, 2017  Join us any time in this 5 Day Challenge!

End Date: Five days after you start.  

Cost:  Free! 

What should you expect?

We will send you an email each day offering several activities to assist you in getting to know your sentient intelligencce. All you need is a notebook to write in and a committed time to do the activities.

This Five Day Challenge is designed as a stand-alone experience, and is a preparation for our 90 Day Creation Project for Winter 2017-2018 which starts on December  21, 2017.